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US Senate May take away our choices of SUVs, Pickups, and otherlight

From : budd cochran

Q: max340 wrote actual if he wasnt so stupid he would have know a republican is not the sponsor of the bill. then again he seems to rely heavily on non factual information in all his posts. the sponsors as listed are from both parties. the originator is listed as snowe a republican from maine. it is noteworthy however that the most recognizable name on the bill is..... wait for it...... clinton democrat ny. here is a brief on the bill s.255 title a bill to amend title 49 united states code to require phased increases in the fuel efficiency standards applicable to light trucks; to require fuel economy standards for automobiles up to 10000 pounds gross vehicle weight; to increase the fuel economy of the federal fleet of vehicles and for other purposes. sponsor sen feinstein dianne ca introduced 1/30/2003 cosponsors 18 latest major action 1/30/2003 referred to senate committee. status read twice and referred to the committee on commerce science and transportation. the sponsor is feinstein a democrat. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .


From : budd cochran

8--------------------------- i guess next time ill have to shift into 2nd gear. g roy 8--------------------------- do you remember the old song about the little nash rambler vbg beep beep i guess im not old enough to remember that one. who sang it denny budd is right its the playmates. here is a link to the song. the reference to second gear in the very last line of the song. http// .

From : jerry

nosey wrote just looking for logical reasons for why someone might be compelled to use the clutch to slow/stop the vehicle when it really isnt necessary especially considering that there is/are a whole assembly of dedicated components which you yourself admit are cheaper and easier to service in place to do that same job. clutch and brake friction materials will only wear during the time when there is slippage. if there is a long down hill stretch and i want to save on wear it is my belief that it is better to allow the clutch to slip for less than a second downshifting to a lower gear than it is to ride the wheel brakes for several miles. the clutch wear will be minimal and the brake wear saved will be significant. yes and youll kindly note that i acknowledged the use of engine braking on long down hill decents in an earlier post. probably somewhere near where i invoked mores law im talking about the mindless downshifting people do in normal everyday driving. when you ask them why they do it they cant give a reasoned answer other than thats the way they thought a manual transmission is supposed to be operated. smack .