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US Senate May take away our choices of SUVs, Pickups, and otherlighttrucks!

From : jerry

Q: on tue 29 jul 2003 010807 gmt tom wrote hi i have a 1997 ram sport 1500 pickup 104k miles on it v8 5 litre 2wd i dont know what i was thinking. whenever i drive between 45-60mph with the overdrive on its on automatically the entire truck shakes terribly but when i turn it off it drives fine. i never knew a lot about automobiles so my only option was to turn to friends that knew how to work on them and theyre stumped as well. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem may be. had an experiance like that with my 1990 5.2l right before the water pump failed. no leak from the weep hole and no excessive woble if you manually shook the fan with the motor off. shook the fan one day during pre-op oil check and shake went away 500 mi later broke down on side of road with water pouring from weep hole on water pump. could also have something to do with clutch on lock-up torque converter but only a good tranny shop can diagnose that. also the check engine light is on im assuming that its something to do with the od but not certain as it hasnt been hooked up to a computer yet. the check engine light flashes however which i cant imagine is a postive thing. it only flashes though if i first hit 70 or gun it for whatever reason. any insight on this matter will be of tremendous help. thanks. tom have a nice day. remove nopants to reply by direct e-mail; support the right to privacy and anti-spam projects. .