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US Senate May take away our choices of SUVs, Pickups, and otherlighttrucks!

From : jerry

Q: you do realize that these are just meaningless numbers dont you lol they are only meaningless to you because they prove you wrong. lol only in your wildest dreams. but if you want to post the entire article and go over the massive amount of both missing numbers and apples to oranges comparisons im game. when they simply denote small cars but dont specify economy cars as well they are also including just about every foreign spots car in that mix as well. gee imagine that sports cars getting in more single accidents then typical passenger cars. who would have thought... more bullshit with no source no facts no numbers no proof. that is exactly my point they have provided none of this either. they were very specific in their wording however which leaves holes in their arguments large enough to drive a semi through. did they specify only small econoboxes no then how do you know that sports cars were not included did they say that they were not i didnt see that. shut up boner. hahahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehehe oh stop max your killing me. you are getting far to predictable anymore. this is almost always the first step in your i am running out of bs so i had better save face and bail out procedure. any post now you will perform some twist of information that defies explanation and use it to make some bs claim that i am wrong and run away again. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .


From : jerry

they are under $200 rebuilt just did mine.. i have no time to do myself... now on to a few new ball joints... @130k.. jr on mon 28 jul 2003 235057 gmt crooked-ridez wrote are these units rebuildable i have a pretty bad leak on one of the seals but would like to know what would be cheaper new or rebuild it myself thanks .

From : tim miserbeekeep

interesting as to the pricing comment. i spoke to a local dodge dealer about the pricing...a comparably equipped chevy long bed diesel quadcab with most bells and whistles is quoted at $27645 sticker $36000 and change. i told the dodge dealer and he started making excuses that gm dumps vehicles at year end. left the impression that a dodge 2500 short bed that is about $1k less cant be had for that low a price. am i at the wrong dealer or is there that much difference between dodge and chevy pricing gary gary go to and you can build the options into your truck and find the dealer price for both the dodge and chevy. i think once you do this youll find the dodge ends up costing less. for example i priced the dealer invoice comparing a base model chevy 2500 hd xcab with the diesel at an invoice cost of $28049. the dodge 2500 w/cummings was $27816 but the base dodge has a few more standard options than the base chevy. the biggie being the 4 doors. -tim .