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Truck suggestion appreciated

From : fritzmagnum

Q: on wed 30 jul 2003 173425 gmt budd cochran wrote then you should have done a bit of research before your purchase imho. gone to other dealers and tried similar vehicles for example. anyway its dangerous changing the bore of the master cylinder could make it worse. and it still sounds like a contamination problem. budd i surprised you dont think that he abused them. beekeep am i now a dumb-ass that doesnt take care of his vehicle how did i get to that .


From : eldon jons

on our new caran the dealer installed decals on the doors and pinstripe to make a van look nicer i think it looks ok but my wife hates it... can these be taken off they were on about 6 weeks on the dealers lot so the paint shouldnt be different underneath should it thanks! lee .