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Truck chucking

From : sparky

Q: i have a 1999 1500 ram. i was going to change the spark plugs today and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to get the heat shield tobes from the plug socket. i tried pulling them with needle nose to no availe. do not touch the tubes just insert the socket into them. i have the same truck changing sps was easy. .


From : nosey

yeah sure just try to convince the dealer that a cat can be half clogged. i told them i had a clogged cat they tested it and said it just needed a tune up. i told them what i had replaced and then they said hm i dont know then but it is under powered downshift just to go over the overpass. i replaced the sparkplugs wires air filter transmission fluid pcv valve oil filter. you get the point. i just dont know. it struggles even more when i pull my 16 trailer empty. a partially plugged cat will do that to an engine. .