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Transmission problem

From : nirodac

Q: um... no. 100ft lbs at 1000rpm is 19hp. 100ft lbs at 6000rpm is 114hp. yep - and back to my f1 example... 270ft.lbs. at 8000rpm in a 3.0l v10 makes 411hp where that same 270ft.lbs. at 2800rpm in a 4.7l v8 only makes 144hp. which engines going to move the same amount of weight faster im almost sorry to have started this if in fact i did. my only point is that torque is the force that turns the shaft. it doesnt matter how fast you turn the shaft it is still torque that is turning it. at no point does the force or even the name of the force change into something else it is always torque. hp never turns the shaft it is an expression of the resulting motion. you must have torque to produce hp but you do not need hp or kw etc. to produce torque. torque is the force at play and hp is an expression of the work performed. .


From : max dodge

these are obd2 do you really need the newer type injection systems we have a fleet of hummer with the vortec in running great else you can try a lambda emulator like the aeb 426 obd fix about 40 i have no answer but id love to hear more about the propane conversion. -rev .

From : nirodac

yup couldnt have anything to do with the dozens of other variables like conditions design aerodynamics under the truck etc. funny how my 95 lines in just as crappy weather have managed to hold out for over 100k with my just replacing the flex lines as a matter of pm rather than necessity. i think tbones truck just doesnt like him.... go figure. my 95 is just over 100k and are just fine but they have been very easy miles no salt from plowing snow no dirt and mud from pulling wagons out of the fields ect. you all have never seen a truck babied such as mine. g denny .