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Transmission pan

From : bradg

Q: hello 89 dodge caravan 25 l 4 cyl non-turbo i have been loosing some antifreeze and when the engine is warm there is bubbling in my radiator overflow tank. i loose about 1/2 a liter of anti freeze 1/8 of a gallon every 500 kilometers 300 miles . any suggestions.. thanks in advance walt .


From : mike simmons

lee regrettably i think you will find them considerably more than $200. chryco service manager member sae we just bought a 2003 grand caravan but the sport package we bought comes with the black/grey exterior trim rather then the color matched ones. does anyone know if i could order the color matched ones from dc and install them or have them installed for a reasonable fee i was thinking i could get them all done for $200 or less..... any thoughts thanks! lee .

From : jnb

tbone wrote lol yet more spin. since you keep stating that i am in the closet i simply asked if you were married or even dating anyone. no thats not the way you ask it and the more i think about it the more repulsive you become. with the exception of one other person i know of no one else in here would try to spin in family members during a stupid argument as this. ill trade jabs with you all day even at the risk at pissing everyone off on the ng but when you stoop this low you have gone to far. everyone knows your childish attitude where you feel you must have the last word or you have accomplished nothing or won anything so give yourself a award or what ever you do and tell yourself you are a big winner. your a sick little man tom and you have finally proved that to all. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .