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Trailer wiring help

From : miles

Q: hi there.....are radar detectors allowed in montanna and south dakota states .


From : chris

is forthcoming in order to maximize fuel economy. at least for the foreseeable future a driver is still the best way to maximize fuel economy. mike so basically hills are the major factor that makes cc inefficient right well living in north dakota i dont really have that problem so cc it is! .

From : bscuda

youll probably have to open up the harness running along the drivers side frame rail to locate the wires you need. since you have the blue cab connector i would guess that dc uses the same harness for all the trucks and just makes tie ins as needed so the right wires should be there. heres what you should be looking for. on the seven pin connector with the locating tab on top. at the one o clock position is the wt/rd +battery #4 on rear pinout. three o clock is wt/pk right turn/stop #2 on rear pinout. five o clock is ltbl electric break #7 on pinout. seven o clock is bk ground #8 and 9 on pinout. nine o clock is yl/pk left turn/stop #10 on pinout. eleven o clock is bk/or running lights #5 on pinout. center connector is vt/bk back up lights #3 on pinout. need help with installing a 7 pole round connector . i have a 2002 1500. the truck came with the standard connector which has 3 pins and one hole or whatever you call it. i want to have the round plug mounted so that the wiring isnt just hanging there on the back of the truck. the trucks wires are yellow/pink stripe white/pink stripe black/ red stripe black could someone tell me what these wires are so i can hook up the 7 pole round connector. thanks -- homelite chainsaws are junk dont waste your money! .