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Towing mirrors

From : charles

Q: says... it is in fact not spam as the header clearly states what the message is about. grow up net nanny spam audio pronunciation of spam p pronunciation key spm n. unsolicited e-mail often of a commercial nature sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists individuals or groups; junk e-mail. tr.v. spammed spamming spams 1. to send unsolicited e-mail to. 2. to send a message indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists individuals or groups. yup sure sounds like spam to me. i think that you should re-read your own definition there dud. the key word here is indiscriminately. indiscriminate does not mean multiple as you seem to think and if you look at the groups he cross posted to you will see that they are all automotive groups which seems pretty much targeted to me. he was also clear in the header as to what the post was for so if you are not interested in the radio dont open the damn thing. you may not think its spam but ebay without a doubt considers such post as spam and will suspended this guys account. bullshit. if he blasted it accross all of the ngs then you would be right or even if he added a few non-automotive ngs in his post or even if he kept it the way he did it and posted it 4 or 5 times it could be considered spam but 1 post cross posted to 6 automotive ngs in no way fits the definition. if you dont think this is spam wait untill everyone else on ebay starts posting links to their auctions. wont that be fun especially when they get cross posted just like this. i dont think that it is spam because it is not. if the actual level of spam starts getting high i will report it and if it gets higher yet i will just dump the group but there is no point in being a net nanny. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .