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Tire Pressure on 1998 Dodge

From : gina fierro

Q: gina fierro wrote hello all i bought a 1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 quad cab recently. which came with lt 285 75r16 all terrain t/a ko tires after driving for a couple of months i noticed tires looked low. when i had the oil changed i asked them to check the tire pressure. they told me that my tires where properly inflated at 35 psi. i went by local tire company to have them checked again as they still looked low. the guy there told me he added 2 psi to each front tire back rears were fine. tires actually say 65 psi. when i questioned him about this he told me they were fine. i understand that the door panel of the truck says 35-40 psi however these are not original tires they are oversized. could someone shed some light here thanks in advance gina fierro you already know these are not stock tires and you know the sticker in the door frame is useless. they are heavy duty truck tires designed to carry a maximum load. look on the sidewall and youll see lettering that says xpsi at y pounds. calculate how much of a load your tires do have and devide by 4. thats about how much weight is on each tire. now look at what your max tire pressure is. whatever the percentage of max load you have thats the percentage of tire pressure you should start with. so its ok to run 65 psi with stock rims id have guessed that 65 psi would be too much. .


From : roy

big al wrote from his symptom its not the resistor. he has the lower speeds but not high. al i said check the resistor what i do know its highly unlikely that a wire is off -- message posted via http// .

From : chris thompson

i know you dont like getting involved in the petty shit not when its between two people i have respect for no... and i wont ask you to b u t . . . but i would like to your opinion was the issue rampant in the reasonable usage of the word rampant i would have to say... that would depend on what your definition of the word was.... was. .

From : roy

i am contemplating having a recommended mechanic put gauges in my truck 2004 ram 2500 ctd 305/555 4x4. i mentioned to him that i wanted 1 fuel pressure 2 tranny temp and 3 pryometer. he mentioned that a rail pressure gauge would be a better choice than a fuel pressure gauge since the lift pump issue was resolved after 2002. after the semi-heated discussion between nate and max i am left wondering exactly what set of facts to believe. so ill throw it out there for the pros in a.a.d.t. to opine about. should i go with a fuel psi gauge or a rail pressure gauge craig c. craig fuel pressure is not an issue with your truck unless it is bombed. i would go with a turbo boost gauge in lieu of fuel pressure. i have those three gauges on my ram. i installed em in an a pillar mount. mike when did they move the pump to the tank 05 is the year i recall it moving. .

From : bob

if i have the air conditioner or interior fan on when the engine is cold - it pulls the idle down low. sometimes idle looks like it might be as low as 200 rpm on the tack. when it gets like this its easy to stall out. when this happens if you give it a little fuel will the engine speed increase or is the pedal essentially dead .

From : advocate

im looking for one of thoes leather grill covers but i can only find the solaid plastic ones i have a 2004 3500 .

From : bob

im looking for one of thoes leather grill covers but i can only find the solaid plastic ones .