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Timing Belt Caravan

From : jpoy

Q: an earlier discussion on this group mentioned that there was something in the on board computer that changed a setting on the carburation at 8000 miles improving mileage. can someone elaborate on this or was it a tongue-in-cheek post my city mileage seems to have increased after 8000 miles but my highway mileage has dropped considerably. don d. to answer your question as you asked it no the process doesnt change. however the quantities fuel and air may. dave .


From : mike simmons

i just but this truck privately and the ac will not blow cold air. when the system is running if you feel the evaporator and condenser lines in the engine compartment one is real hot the other is real cold just like they should be. thats not an indication that the system is charged enough to remove any heat from the vehicles passenger compartment....just so you know. however its possible all is ok there and you have a blend door issue asn mentioned later in teh thread. i would be looking for a broken vac line or a bad control switch. this is my first dodge that i have ever owned and am not familiar with their systems. anyone have any ideas of what to look for myself before i spend the $$$ and take it to the shop gm used to have a solenoid valve in the supply side of the heater core that would shut off the flow of hot water to the core when the ac was in use. does dodge use the same type of setup thanks for any help. ron .

From : grezmonk

budd i have no experience with wyoming tech. i would assume however that it is a good school if it is accredited and recognized by the va. the gummint usually wont letcha waste your money on shysters. mike mike a question from my son. when he gets out of the navy he plans to use his vet pay to go to wyoming tech and train in everything he can; gas diesel trans body work even customizing and business management. whats your opinion of the school and the training if youve had any experience with them thanks! budd mike simmons wrote yup! not only are the schools paid for by the company but the techs are paid their normal salary while they are attending school. mike mike simmons wrote in our shop a fully certified l1 tech gets $24.00/hr plus benefits. mike but will your shop pay for the schools .