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Theft Deterrent system 2000 Stratus

From : jackf

Q: i have a 1996 dodge ram 3500 series 15 passenger van and have a great deal of squeaking in my front end on the drivers side. i have been trying to diagnose where the squeaking is coming from but cant seem to isolate the noise. i had bushing replaced on the passenger side about a year ago for the same squeaking reason. does anyone know how to work on these bushings does anyone know where to get a special tool to remove these.what exactly are these bushings made out of anyways thanks so much. m.morin lewistonmaine .


From : jackf

do you remember the old song about the little nash rambler vbg budd roy wrote you got this thing about chubbiness. now be truthful who has the most rotunde belly dont fib now!! denny thats easy!! you!!!! gbmfg roy i should have expected that!! youre just pissed that my ole minivan was still on your ass going to the restarant. hell your vette couldnt even shake an ole minivan. bg denny i guess next time ill have to shift into 2nd gear. g roy .