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The FBI should have a ball on 7/4

From : beekeep

Q: get a hayes service manual. you should be able to read the codes on the abs computer. on my van you pull out the glove box and ground a wire and it flashes out the code. yours is probably similar. beekeep on thu 03 jul 2003 164742 gmt lee bower wrote oh yeah it has only the rear abs no front. lee bower ive been feeling lucky - maybe a bit cocky. i have 99650 miles on my 1500/5.9 4x4. unlike the results of many this truck has been extremely reliable - the transmission still shifts as solid as when new! however i think she is feeling a bit emotional. one of my errands today was to visit the local dodge dealership since ive been contemplating getting an 03 hemi or cummins. she must have been jealous. as i was leaving one stop getting ready to head to the dealer the abs light and brake light came on upon starting the truck. the light stays on at all times while the engine is running. what should or can i do taking it to the dealer is the last thing i want to do - right after visiting the dentist to get a root canal. no work has been recently performed on the truck that would/could affect this. i appreciate any insight as to what i can do to fix this. please dont tell her but shes still going to get replaced by a younger and more powerful model with a few less blemishes. weve had a really good relationship but its time to move on. tia lee bower .