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Thanks Gary G!

From : greg o

Q: on the 20 tire and compare it to the load rating on the 17 lt that tom alluded to in a previous post you will find the difference there. the 20s are show tires the 17 lts are work tires. thats what i was thinking but then noticed that the gvwrs are the same. even though the ratings are what they are i cant think of any real reason why the gcvwr would be reduced. however if the tires that come on the 20 wheels are about 32 in diameter vs. the 30 diameter of the stock 17s then the slight difference in final drive ratio might be enough to lower the towing capacity somewhat. isnt one of the determinations for towing capacity the ability to start from a standstill on a certain amount of incline but in any event i agree with you - no one buys a work truck with 20 wheels on them... escalades yeah - pickup trucks.... they just dont belong .