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From : guitar boogie

Q: ... re drivetran ignorance caused it. gibson6string.. ...... anon way to add something useful to the discussion. ......... i added more to the topic of discussion than you did dweeb. the guy asked for opinions on what caused it. i gave him an opinion. you gave off topic insults. carry your uninformative ass to.... and post your spew there. or hang around in this one and contribute in a productive way instead of showing your ass and not answering the questions or contributing to the topic of the thread... now i have to give another opinion to justify contributing to the thread.... so here it is. after 27 years of automotive repair it has been my experience that when shit comes flying off your vehical on the interstate because you didnt stop to find out what was making the noise that you admitted it was making or when you dont perform prevenative maintenance on your vehicals regularly that encompass diagnostic checks on the full vehical for wear and performance issues then the end result is usually catastrophic and sudden in nature. in a more simply put forth format it would be prudent to state that.......... iginorance caused it. ..gibson6string.. packs his pipe.......lights it up.....and waits..... ================================= .