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Tape stuck in player

From : caryv

Q: rear window for 94-00 ramtruck tinted slider factory made-by mopar new in box never installed&not damaged see it & buy it at e- item # 2426908674 .


From : weedeater

my 98 had the same problem the first thing if you go to a tranny shop you will probably get screwed they will rebuild you a trans and wehn it does the same thing they will blame the electronics and send you to dodge. the dealer will blame the rebuild and you will be real pissed off. if you are not already. there was a recall to have the pcm programed for converter lock up in the late 98 models. not sure about yours. they are having alot of problems with convertor lock up on my 98 for sale here in the group i spent thousands on a factory rebuild a new computer and a aps sensor like a tps but not. none of those things fixed the problem they blamed my over sized tires on the stock rims as the problem there one siz over. then they called corprate and one of the problems they noted was bleeding power from the main cables from the battries. they put some plastic split loom on a couple of bare spots and the problem went away. wish they would have tried that first but then they couldnot have made the money i guess. i complained to corprate and received a very nice deal on my new dodge truck. they did drive the truck with the altornator disconected but covering the main wires did the trick. i hope this helps you good luck. hello all i have a 99 cummins 2500 quad cab with an automatic transmission. it begain to not shift out of first or second when it is cold. two days ago the it started to shift in between each gear until it gets to 65mph then it either stays in third without the overdrive and the convertor locked up or its in overdrive and the convertor isnt locking up. it seems more like the later but its hard to tell how many gears it changes and its turning 2200 rpms at 70 mph which when everything is locked up and in overdrive it should be around 1900 to 1950. i took it to the dealer today to get the codes scanned and it didnt have any. so the dealer wants to change the senors and the valve body out on it at a pretty price and then if that doesnt they said they might try a new pcm the main computer i think the parts manager was talking about. my haynes manual only went to 96 so im going to look for a 99 haynes for it now. it has around134000 miles out of warranty on it. any help on where to start would be appreciated. will .

From : gary glaenzer

hey all i have a 97 ram slt with original am/fm tape player in it! i was playing a tape comedian pablo francisco the other day and when i got home i just shut the truck off without ejecting the tape when i restart the truck later in the evening the tape doesnt play just the radio and i cant get the tape to eject. the last thing i want to do is destroy the tape to get it out of the player. any suggestions thank you caryv .

From : nitpik

small leak is a bitch. means just that small smoke machine best thing to find it do a visualon all evap lines yes on top the tank to then get it smoked .

From : texasfireguy hanke7933 writes same problem with a 96 1500. got a replacement at a quality muffler shop for about $130. less restrictive flow and o2 sensor works fine both the 96 and 97 rams would still be covered under the federally-mandated 8-yr/80000 mile emissions system warranty. provided that is that you have less than 80k miles on it. .