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TPS cable

From : Annonymous

Q: and i thought my puter was acting up again. but im not adding much as im gone to detroit for a couple of days. ill be so much smarter when i get back..... really!! denny well well our furry friend is off to detroit for a few days. i wonder why although he claims hell be so much smarter when he gets back. how to spin this... this should be good.... ... figure to get smarter ole fur face had to have been smart in the first place. so we know that aint going to happen. but im cute and huggable.. thats a reach heard from a reliable source that there are a number of things going on in the motor city that he may have waddled into. one is a advanced egg painting course for rabbits in preparation for easter he isnt advanced enough for that. you do realize the eb and santa compare lists dont ya. keep this up and ole sc will deliver a size xxx thong for yer present. that would be waaaay too small for your furry ass. also there is a gay rabbit convention going on. do ya think our furry assed buddy has gone over to the other side of the street i know he frequents his local home depot store all the time. it is understood that he has been tossed out repeatedly. you could always wear your christmas present to go get a box of nails... im still wondering how you got this info that queers are hanging out at the depot. did you get hit on vbfg i told ya there was an article in a sorta underground paper. it told of how gay folk would get dressed up in work clothes and tool belts and cruise the aisles. take a look at their hands do they look like they work with them looks like the village people. it went on to say that many of the employees were gay as well. not that the rabbit always buys stuff from the bottom shelf. which really makes me wonder why you read about gays where they hang-out and how they dress in underground papers. so i can learn more about you.g is there something you need to tell us sue is a real decent shot. do you think there is any need for a ported 686 think i will get her one for christmas i wouldnt go for the porting unless you get into competative shooting and then it probably wouldnt be legal for the lower skilled classes. get her the 4 inch barrel 357 and a thousand rounds of 38 special and let her have fun.. remember a holster and a few speed loaders too. i think she has been looking at a 5 but not sure. 5 is good. i thought she was going for a concealed carry and a 5 would be a little big for that. denny .


From : tom lawrence

any advice for an o2 sensor on the decline. is there another route besides paying a bundle to have it replaced .