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From : billy

Q: i was on a business trip to ohio and stopped at a white castle. i mean everyone raves about them so had to stop. i thought they were the grossest form of something resembling a burger ive ever had. ill stick to a real hamburger from now on! well at least i tried them once. miles that ought to give ya a good indication of what some folks around here consider food.g the last wc in my area i knew of was in a section of boston called the combat zone. not even the muggers hookers pimps drunks and junkies would eat there. it was closed about 20 years ago. i think wc have been banned from the new england region. least i hope so. harummmph! what do you yankees know about good eatin anyway ;^ mike roy budd cochran wrote white castles white castles did i hear the words white castle whos got the gut bombs the sliders the heavenly little burgers full of grease and gas man all i can get out here are the frozen boxes of sliders . . .it jes aint fair . . . . . . nostalgia section 1968 cheap dinner date --- a couple bags of sliders with sodas and fries and a drive-in movie. budd remembering back to snacks of a half dozen wc cheeseburgers and meals of two dozen cheeseburgers . . . . .