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Stock size tires for a Ram 2500

From : jb

Q: first degree requires intent and most drunk drivers dont get in their vehicles with the intent to kill someone however im in agreement with you that the punishment should be severe. lol tom there are thousands of ads everyday giving the dangers of operating a vehicle under the influence . . now just how many people over 12 do you think have never seen or heard about those dangers and there are those same adds talking about the dangers of smoking and they are also ignored. people only see what they want to see. since the knowledge is well brodcast ignorance is no excuse. if the dui / dwi knows hes going out to get drunk then he knows he could kill someone by driving in that condition. if you know its a crime and you know you could kill and decide to get wiped out anyway then as far as im concerned its a concious decision and you have decided the value of the life of another person or persons is of no importance. and that says you though about it and decided to do it. the sad thing is that it is never this black and white. there are some that think that they can drive as well or better drunk others that accidentally have 1 too many and dont really feel drunk and neither of these types know that they could kill somebody because as far as they are concerned they can drive just fine and then it is not a conscious choice that they devaluated human life. they were wrong and stupid but were not going out with the intent to kill and therefor cannot be accused of murder 1. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .


From : draegus

thank you so much for your time. i remember them mentioning something the first time when they fixed it mentioning the word pressure so i am going to hand the dealer mechanics a list of things to look over. may sound silly but it took 5 five trips to the dealer mechanic in 2 months before they fixed it. they kept just sending me home with a note could not duplicate problem. so both of these suggestions are going on the list. and i know they are going to try and charge me and claim its out of warranty. so thats why i wanted to know if you guys felt it was to still be covered under my 7/70. seeing that we feel it should i can go in there with both guns blazing when they hand me a big fat bill. thanks again! bev bev just a note of caution. just because some well meaning folks in this group feel that your problem is covered under the 7/70 powertrain warranty doesnt make it necessarily so. after all no one here can be certain of what the problem truly is. the final arbiter of whether warranty coverage applies to your repair is daimlerchrysler not the dealer. you should advise the dealer of the problem with the vehicle and ask that you be called with a diagnosis and estimate of repairs before any work is commenced. be advised that if the repair is covered under the warranty then the diagnostic charges will be covered also less your applicable deductible. if on the other hand the repairs are not covered under the d/c warranty then you are obligated to pay the dealers reasonable diagnostic charges to ascertain the problem. you should be advised by the dealer what the diagnostic charges will be before the work is started. make sure you ask what the charges might be if the dealer fails to do this. if after the diagnosis the dealer determines that the repair is not covered under the warranty ask the dealer to do a vip inquiry for warranty coverage. this report from d/c advises the dealer if the repair is covered or not. if it is not covered as outlined in the report there is nothing the dealer can do he does not make the warranty decisions only d/c can do that. so there is no need to go in with guns blazing that will get you nowhere. as an educated consumer you should be aware that anytime you ask someone to perform a service for you there will be charges that have to be paid by someone. always determine in advance who that someone may be. hope this helps! chryco service manager .

From : coasty

when i first got licensed here in ga i was 16. took the full test driving everything. we didnt leave the parking lot. the hardest part of the test was the eye test. like i said before. a joke! yep... same here in nj. heck im sure glad they made sure i could parallel park without dinging another vehicles bumper or scuffing the curb before handing me a document that qualified me to operate a 26000lb vehicle in heavy traffic at 65mph well 55mph back then at night. lol i backed over the curb and still passed had never tried to parallel park. theres none in this part of ga in public places .

From : tom lawrence

91. roy dec 2 830 am show options from roy - find messages by this author date fri 2 dec 2005 103034 -0500 local fri dec 2 2005 830 am subject re accident report reply | reply to author | forward | print | individual message | show original | report abuse how about making the punishments fit the crime if you demonstrate you cant drive responsibly then you dont get to drive legally. drive illegally and you go to jail. and no plea bargans. drive illegally and you go to jail kinda steep for speeding dont ya think hate to be involved in a accident in your world what would the penalty be death if more than 50% at fault roy whats wrong with punishments that fit the crime someone decides to get drunk knowing full well hes got to drive home afterward. on the way home he hits and kills someone. lets try to stay off the extreme. how about he gets pulled over and is oui no accident. does he go to jail what punishment for that roy i say its a form of 1st degree murder with a random victim and the states punishment foir 1st degree murder should apply 1st degree murder wtf are you smoking out there what if you have a heart attck and run over somebody he dies you survive. by your standard it is 1st degree murder. bye bye budd . . .and yes ive been a drunk in my past. so you are advocating a set schedule of punishment drive oui ya get 5 years involved in a accident 55% at fault yer down for 1 year. you cant be serious. roy .