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Steering gear

From : john begin

Q: if it makes its way down to the oil pan it should come out on a oil change. aluminum foil wont break down in there. worst case this foil would cause is if it fell on a lifter oil passage and thats not to likely. just let it go it will come out or be chewed up or just floot in the pan for all eternity. leave it be. the oil screen on the bottom of the pickup tube is about 4 inches in diameter. having a 1/2 inch round piece of foil stuck to it wont bother it. besides since you dont know what you are doing you will drop more pieces of gasket etc. into the motor than you will be getting out!!!! eventually the foil will break down from heat and the acidity of the used oil. even if it does stay intact and stuck to the pickup screen it would only cause the screen to clog at 150000 miles instead of 175000. forgot to mention this is on a 2001 grand am. yeah its about 1/2 of the damn foil. i have never taken apart the valve cover before. the most i have done is change the spark plugs. do you think this is something ill need to have done pull a the corresponding valve cover and remove the offending piece. assuming it is the entire little foil thing. i would say if it is larger than 1/4 of the foil cap that you should probably remove it as soon as you can. carl you know how some oil comes with a thin foil under the cap well while changing the oil in i think i allowed a piece of that protective foil into the engine! it just went in as i was pouring the oil in. i saw a sliver flash go into the damn funnel and before i knew it it was too late to grab it! i couldnt see anything in there after looking around for a while .


From : denny

brian there really is no advantage to changing your oil for the first time at 1500 miles. yes you can begin to use mobil 1 at any time. please note that the use of synthetic oil dies not allow you to extend the drain intervals on your vehicle. please refer to your owners manual for more info. chryco service manager member sae im about to change the oil in my 03 hemi for the first time 1500 miles on it want to clear out any metal shavings. is it ok to go to a synthetic so soon i want to use mobil 1 but ive heard that synthetics dont do well on new engines before. is this true thanks i was gonna mention this too when i took my hemi in i asked about switching to mobile 1. basically you still have to change the oil every three thousand miles to satisfy your warranty so why waist the extra money. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .

From : jwlbal

denny wrote ok now for the dumb question. if you have twin jet engines in afterburner how in the heck do you hold the plane from moving a bunch of big-assed cables anchored in concrete superman on the nose g as far as the noise goes about the loudest thing i have experienced is a modified tractor puller running 2 blown kb motors. the vibration to your chest at wot damn near makes me puke. would that even compare to a jet just curious. when testing jet engine designs they are not installed in a plane. they are attached to a large i-beam which is then pressed up against a load cell force transducer attached to a solid wall. the load cell measures the lbs of thrust. my company is hoping to get the contract for the joint strike fighter program. we produce load cells for this use as well as stress tests on the airframe itself. .