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Static Shock

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Q: i had extra metal welded to my front end free by dodge was a recall issue for 1990 dak. check if it applies to your year. dave wrote i had my truck 93 dakota 5.2l 2wd 187k miles in the shop today midas to check out some front end noise. they said they found a crack in the frame. they said it was cracked all the way through but the frame isnt bent. i was wondering 1 anyone know the ballpark cost that this could cost me 2 is a cracked frame a fixbable problem if i get it fixed will i have recurring problems from it i plan on taking it to a body shop next week but i was just wondering if anyone here had any ideas. thanks dave .


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i assume that you want a stainless muffler for longevity rather than performance because in and of itself a stainless muffler will offer no performance improvements. a racing muffler will likely have less backpressure which may alter the engine torque curve however it will do no harm to the valves. thank you about the valve comment mike. i chryco service manager member sae this is from my friend who does not have usenet access i want to install stainless muffler on my dodge grand caravan. 3.3 l engine. could anybody recommend where can i get one. some places sell racing mufflers. if i use one with little restriction will it overheat exhaust valves. i will appresiate any advise. thanks. can someone help i . 222 265955 i have a 03 2500 diesel with cloth seats. depending on what i am wearing there are times when i get out of the rig and get zapped with static electricity. sometimes its really a hard zap. is there a grounding strap that i am missing or something between the seat and the frame that was left off could a drag strap cure this problem anyone else have this problem jim g from what i ve been hearing over and over again this is a common problem with a lot of newer vehicles anytime i go into a parts store they now have static straps for sale i never bothered to get one but i guess they are popular sellers you never heard of one of those things years ago! try one of those thats what they are supposed to eliminate 79 t/a ws6 455 hurst 4 spd blk w/ t-tops heavily fortified 4mpg 00 ram 2500hd qc v-10 4x4blk5 spd410 lsd 10mpg 98 intruder 1400 blk 5 spd 25mpg .

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what dodge/mopar magazines would you recommend subscribing or reading i pick up truckin once in a while but there must be something better out there for dodge truck owners such as ourselves just curious jason .

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if i was working with it every day i would rather get a purpose built generator in stead of putting all those operating hours on my trucks engine. what would use more fuel a 5000 watt generator or running the trucks engine with a 5000 generator under the hood then what is the cost difference between the under hood generator and an external one on 15 aug 2003 182522 gmt ignoramus4661 ignoramus4661@nospam.4661.invalid wrote your present alternator already generates over 1 kw 130 amps at 12 v = 1560 watts wow. so it means that i could easily connect a big inverter to the battery posts and draw say 800 watts at idle would that be safe my truck does have a heavy duty package i did not think about it. my primary use for such an inverter would be to power the furnace blower and maybe a tv or a computer or a radio. obviously only the furnace blower consumes significant power. in summer i could use it to power our two refrigerators. so i am talking about a 300-700 watt real load. thanks you can get alternators that produce both ac and dc current. one i saw put out about 4500 watts a/c. guy i knew built log cabins and used it to run tools at his jobsites. try to find out where he got it if you are interested. dont think it cost anywhere near as much as an inverter with that sort of output would have. .