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Squeaking Front End

From : flybaby

Q: you got this thing about chubbiness. now be truthful who has the most rotunde belly dont fib now!! denny thats easy!! you!!!! gbmfg roy i should have expected that!! youre just pissed that my ole minivan was still on your ass going to the restarant. hell your vette couldnt even shake an ole minivan. bg denny i guess next time ill have to shift into 2nd gear. g roy probably the biggest difference would be to get a lighter-weight driver!! bg denny smart ass! vacation is over i gotta go in to work tonight. im off to bed. roy .


From : redneck tookover hell

i must not be living right 2003 dakota cubcab 3.9 v6 12 mpg. or less if i use the ac a lot. the truck is a dog and cant get out of its own way and sucks gas like there is no tomorrow. you might want to take it in. you should be getting at least 16 mpg with the v6 and thats if you drive it like its stolen. craig c. 2002 ram 1500 qc 4x4 5.9l .