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Speedometer Help Needed

From : thats me

Q: already you prove your ignorance. how about the navigator escalade expedition suburban they are not trucks. they are suvs. so what they both are subject to the same rules and are all in that higher weight class. and all of the crew cab 2500s and up series trucks that people buy for no other reason but to carry their family. when a consumer buys a commercial grade vehicle simply for use for the family it is not the manufacturer getting around the rules. yes it is when they set them up as giant luxury cars and advertise them as such. sorry maxi but once again you are wrong. lol you dont even see the problem let alone the solution you think you have. you keep blaiming the manufacturer when its consumer demand. and consumer demand is usually generated by good advertising. hell i really wanted a convertable but would have had a hard time transporting construction materials and furniture around in it. well i hear they rent trucks and the stores actually deliver that stuff so youve still got no excuse from the blame you are spreading around. they do now but didnt when i bought mine. if they did i would have probably bought the convertable. shoulda bought your convertible then you could be part of the terrible safety record of those cars lol but then i wouldnt be here and i know that you would miss me. pickup trucks vans and suvs do not have the same requirements as passenger cars. so what so people have taken it upon themselfs to use them as such. ya know i try really i do to ignore your terrible usage of plurals and word form but it all speaks to how educated you are... or are not. typos thats one thing but dammit its themselves oh get over it max. and again the point here is this you keep blaming the manufacturer for what the consumer has done. did the consumers build the vehicles pickups vans and suvs were given some leeway on mileage requirements to have enough power to do their jobs properly and safety issues because their primary purpose was in the utility field and not as passenger vehicles. youve just proven why you need to shut up for a change. no i am just confusing you again imagine that. nope that was you attempting to remove your foot from your face. you expect suvs to meet passaenger car ratings then admit they cannot because of safety concerns. i said no such thing nice spin though. i said that they probably couldnt match the mileage requirements of the passenger cars they were trying to imitate and that they did not have to be built with the same safety requirements of passenger cars because they are utility vehicles. in the end youll expect an suv to do everything just like a car no the people who buy them believe that because that is what they are lead to believe by the current advertisements. which is stupid because the two are not the same vehicle. on this we very much agree. as far as the bill goes if the manufacturers and consumers insist on treating them like cars then they should be dubject the the same requirements as cars. go figure you are the one that disliked how the 3/4 ton trucks ride arent you i never said that they were in any way the same thing. you really do like to spin. the problem is that now the industry is building full blown luxury passenger vehicles and is getting around the passenger care mileage requirements by slapping asuv label on them. yeah that free market economy and capitalism stuff sucks doesnt it free market and capitalism have nothing to do with it. bullshit. lol. if you want to delude yourself go for it. but i want proof that the market didnt demand suvs. it has nothing to do with a free market economy. it does have everything to do with bending the rules and cheating the system whenever possible. the whole purpose of the mileage requirements is to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil you know the real reason that we are now in iraq getting our boys killed. more bullshit. wrong! lol more boner delusion. where are all of the weapons of mass destruction where was the actual threat to us the threat was that he could damage or destroy oil fields that we soooooo desperately need. the reason for the epa mpg regs is to reduce emissions. epa stands for environmental protection agency not evict persian and arabian oil. lol wrong again. emission regulations are used to reduce emissions and improve air quality. yeah and fuel efficiency is the single largest way to make less emissions. now that depends on exactly what emissions you are talking about. lowering dependance on foreign oil will only happen when domestic producers accept lower profits and sell at home. lol remember that free market and capitalism thing that you referred to above. exactly so why are you deluding yourself into believing that fuel efficiency is going