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Speddodmeter Change

From : dwight parker

Q: i have a 1999 1500 dodge ram 4x4. need to change tires soon 48k miles. any suggestion for the best place to change tires samsclub etc and good tires i why dont ya take a look at they have a rating and comment section that you might find helpful. also some of the cheapest prices. most local dealers will however meet their prices if you bring the quote with you. roy .


From : tom lawrence

what does the diesel engine weigh & how much more than a 5.2 gas is a 5.9 d conversion in a dakota possible or practical used diesels are cheaper then a hemi but i bet both conversions would be a wiring nitemare. dick i cant imagine what it would take to not have enough pulling power with the cummins... .

From : dick

njjqa.347$ nathan wrote hey guys im having a bit of trouble with my girlfriends 94 f*rd thunder bird.. i really would like to keep my problem with you all and not the ford jerks... cheap easy stuff first. clean the mass airflow sensor. mounted in the intake duct before the throttle body youll need the correct size anti-tamper torx bit to remove the two screws that attach it to the housing. there are two elements that look like light bulb filaments gently clean these with some radio tuner cleaner. dirt collects on the elements and insulates them resulting in the maf sensor measuring less air than what is actually going into the engine; i.e. lean trouble codes that dont go away when the o2s are replaced. .