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Sparkplugs 01 5.9L

From : bob

Q: says... and the need for a 4-5000lb truck to do well in the quarter mile would be on 29 jun 2003 063921 gmt bubkat05 wrote how well would the 4.7 do it would be the same need as for anything else to do well in the quarter mile... bdk .


From : tim or marty shephard

has anyone defeated the 3 peice front axles and auto/fulltime hubs and switched to a standard 2 shaft set-up w/ manual hubs in the front axle d60 355 open diff have 427 and new detroit ready just not installed i really want to do away with this weak system without replacing the entire housing. i will be mounting 38in. j load range michelin xzl tires and need the gears but want the strength of a regular non-disconnect axle shaft. check out i installed the stage 2 kit a couple of years ago one of the best things ive ever done to my truck. -- bruce grant westminster md 95 2500 club 4x4w/dynatrac manual hubs cummins/auto 265/70rx19.5g .

From : s a king

can i check the rear end ratio by jacking up one rear wheel turn the wheel one revolution and count the drive shaft turns beekeep .