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Short in clock spring?

From : jim loveland

Q: the light came on at about 55k on my 97 5.2 ram. ive put a scanner on it and tried to reset but that wont shut off the light. i pulled the fuse and still no luck. any suggestions short of visiting the dealer ive gone the route with black electrical it just annoys the passenger. thanks .


From : craig

unbolt the blown engine/trans combo bolt in the good engine trans combo. the only differences are in emission controls if any and you can keep the ones used on the 23 if you dont tell anyone you swapped engines. budd kevin wrote i have a 1973 dodge 23 motorhome that has a blown engine. i just aquired an 1976 california model dodge 15 motorhome. both have the 360 with the 2 barrel. the 23 has a blown engine the 15 engine is good. any problems with swapping motors any special hints to help me any suggestions .