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Scratches on Door

From : justme

Q: if your knock hasnr developed yet you might be safe. it was just a metal on metal knocking from the engine over detonation of the chamber i think. regardless when you were going up hills giving it gas the engine would knock like crazy. not the valve clatter they soemtimes call as per design b ut knock. chnaging gas cleaning chambers etc did nothing for it. i guess i never experienced it. and i tow a big boat occasionally. does it feel like someone hitting the engine with a hammer i i had a 1999 ram slt 1500. had that infamous horrible spark knock issue and was without resistance bought back in full by dodge on arbitration buy back. loved that truck - except for that horendous spark knock issue they couldnt fix. i have a 1999 ram also. what is that spark knock problem how does it manifest itself i i am considering buying a 2003 hemi ram giving dodge and america one more chance but am understandably vervous. any idea whether they cured the spark knock presumably a result of truck mnaufacturers trying to balance the emissions and emission regulations also what are the common known issues with the 2003s. i nderstand all manufacturers have issues every year just want to read up on them in advance to decide. thanks todd .