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Routing belt to BYPASS A/C?

From : ignoramus17139

Q: thanks i guess i dont need that new grease gun right away. scott 03 ram 1500 qc 4x4 grease fittings are there any nope. changed oil and rotated tires 135 ft lb. on the lugs is that correct yep. .


From : tom lawrence

first thanks. second did you notice how much it was. that is an acceptable distance if its all there. i appreciate your help. tony c. .

From : im right

oh yeah it has only the rear abs no front. lee bower ive been feeling lucky - maybe a bit cocky. i have 99650 miles on my 1500/5.9 4x4. unlike the results of many this truck has been extremely reliable - the transmission still shifts as solid as when new! however i think she is feeling a bit emotional. one of my errands today was to visit the local dodge dealership since ive been contemplating getting an 03 hemi or cummins. she must have been jealous. as i was leaving one stop getting ready to head to the dealer the abs light and brake light came on upon starting the truck. the light stays on at all times while the engine is running. what should or can i do taking it to the dealer is the last thing i want to do - right after visiting the dentist to get a root canal. no work has been recently performed on the truck that would/could affect this. i appreciate any insight as to what i can do to fix this. please dont tell her but shes still going to get replaced by a younger and more powerful model with a few less blemishes. weve had a really good relationship but its time to move on. tia lee bower .

From : tbone

on 7/1/03 1647 joe blow wrote on 7/1/03 1106 remove spam from address to reply wrote we did a little unscientific research a few years ago with our mazda pickup drove from calif to dallas with tail gate down and averaged the same or a little less than other trips with gate up... drove back with a piece of plywood on it that my bro-in-law cut to fit the bed and averaged almost 2 mpg more on the return trip... if i remember right the normal was about 27 and we got about 29 on the way back with my 01 dak with ext. cab adding the cab high camper shell increased hiway/trip mileage from the 16-18 mpg range to maybe the 18-20 range... mac heres another one for you and ive repeated it several times with similar results driving from dallas to santa fe a 600-mile one way frequent vacation i always got poorer mileage than on the return trip. i averaged the differences and using some rule-of-thumb conversions and engine efficiencies i got from guys on the groups i found that the excess energy consumed on the trip west was almost exactly equal to the change in gravitational potential energy going from this lower elevation to the higher one! i got worse than normal mileage going west uphill and better than normal mileage going east downhill. i stored energy on the gradual climb and got it back when i came home! martin sounds far-fetched. prevailing winds are a more likely factor. add the headwind to your groundspeed westbound subtract the tailwind eastbound and the difference is twice what the winds speed is. aerodynamic drag doesnt change linearly either it changes as the square of the change in velocity. driving west at 60mph into a 20mph wind gives 80mph airspeed going east gives 40mph airspeed so the westbound trip has 4x the drag. no its not far fetched its observable and repeatable. my dad and i have both done it multiple times. santa fe elevation 6300 dallas elevation 600 roughly a mile difference spread over a 600 mile trip a 0.00003 degree slope. i dunno its not much but its real. i still say the wind did it. here are some numbers to ponder a 3500-lb car being raised 5400 feet = potential energy increase of 18900000 foot-pounds. assuming this occurs over a 10-hour time span it requires an average work of 525 foot-pounds per second. thats basically a one-horsepower engine running full open at max load and drinking from your fuel tank without adding anything to your forward progress. plus on the return trip your flat-road consumption is reduced by that same amount as you substitute gpe for engine work. 2x the amount of gas used by that loaded 1-hp engine is quite a noticeable difference in economy! best regards martin .

From : tom lawrence

got proof if the front bearing fails the pinion will wobble regardless of the condition of the rear bearing yes it should be replaced but it may be just fine and you will never know it until it is removed and inspected. if youre my mechanic and you take my differential apart to replace a bad front pinion bearing and you dont replace the rear bearing no matter how good it looks i find a new mechanic. thats a classic case of penny-wise pound-foolish. .

From : scanman

do like the auto service would do. let all the gas out of the system and recharge it with the proper initial charge amount weight as shown in the service manual or on the tag under the hood. i believe a ball park figure is about 1lb 5oz. but be sure to check the tag. then you know it is charged correct as provided initially and if you have a problem then it is due to a leak in the system. you can also purchase leak dye to add to the charge which appears colored when it seeps out a leaky spot. - i most likely over filled it although the pressure reading was fine. can i just bleed some off through the lp line thanks mark have a leak and your lp switch is not allowing the clutch to engauge overfilled it and the hp switch is tripped... if it aint rocket science how come no amatuer gets it right ive got a 1997 dakota 3.9l. last year my a/c started blowing hot air. i rarely use the a/c so i wasnt in a hurry to check it out. ive never been impressed with this a/c. the a/c clutch has been loud for the last few years so loud i used the defrost heatonly when i had too. today i put a can of 134a in the system. i checked the pressure and it was low and fine after charging. after i charged the system i ran it for 15 minutes and it cooled a little. now its blowing hot air and the a/c clutch isnt engaging. the clutch isnt even engaging with the defroster on. the low pressure isnt cool now. did i cook my pump any ideas thanks mark .