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Reverse light switch on 98' Quad Cab

From : dan h

Q: a remanufactured engine short block with heads should run about $2000. that includes the price of a new water pump as well. another $800 or so to put it in. i replaced my 5.2 at 206 k miles. beekeep on 23 jun 2003 134237 gmt jason wrote i have a 97 ram 1500 5.9l with 164k miles on it. ive had no major engine work done except for lifter replacement at about 40k. the truck has been maintained exceptionally well with all fluid replacements slightly before recommended intervals. im currently experiencing some issues with dropping oil pressure when idling which could be due to a bad sending unit have not replaced yet. i do get some lifter noise for about 2 seconds on startup but other than that no noticable problems with the engine. with 164k miles it is becoming more sluggish but thats to be expected i suppose. id posted a question to the group yesterday and a couple of people recommended a rebuild. in your opinion with 164k miles would i be better off paying for a rebuild or trying to find a low mileage engine 50k miles or less in a wrecked truck to replace the current engine with. can anyone offer some guidance on what i should expect to reasonably pay a good shop to rebuild my engine if i go that route thank you! jason .


From : tom lawrence

the snow. im not sure if this contributes to poor universal life or not. i was just wondering how often others have had to replace theirs. thanks. had to do mine once on my 95 3500 at around 50k - still good at 105k. im in nw nj. .