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Resetting "Maint Reqd" light on 91 Dakota

From : Annonymous

Q: brake fluid should be flushed every other year or changed to a silicone based fluid. silicone based and dot 3 should not be used together. hell on the locomotives i worked on years ago the filters lived inside a housing and the drain valve was at the bottom of the sump...... on the inside. we changed oil only when oil samples indicated a need for it. but then changing 75 gallons of lube oil on a whim isnt exactly economical. careful max your dating yourself.g now they hold between 250 and 350 gallons. some of the bigger road locos are more. roy .


From : Annonymous

i think that saftey recalls are always a warenttee item. yep - they are. you might have just saved him a bunch of money/time/frustration .