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Replacing Dodge Ram 2500 Exhaust System

From : teched

Q: 2001 2wd club cab 5.2l 3.55 auto short bed i had the average up to 17.4 for a while doing a lot of highway driving. thats having never reset the mileage meter. more typical was 15.9 with 46k on it. ill never know if it could have went higher. the last i heard it was in a scrap yard in upper ny state. i got rear ended by a 18 wheeler on 401 in canada. some stupid cu&t thought it was a good place to make a u turn. 2003 2wd quad cab 5.7l 3.90 auto long bed the average is up to 14.9 without resetting the mileage meter. whats great is it went up .2 last weekend on a 800 mile trip doing 70-80 all the way including 3hrs idling in traffic & road construction. its got 9k on it and i added a fold-a-cover last weekend after the road trip. im heading out on a 600 mile trip tomorrow. well see if it goes up some more. to ice the cake the 5.2l needed 92 octane to run without pinging. im putting 87 in the 5.7l and its running great. on tue 15 jul 2003 215410 -0400 jonathan kaplan wrote today i did it! 18.85 mpg. ram 1500 2wd with 4.7l 5 speed auto. 65 mph avg and tonneau cover. it almost made the epa rating of 19. the truck is a 2003 with 4700 miles. whats everyones record its a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word. -- andrew jackson .


From : teched

greetings i have a 413 ci engine that i removed from a crashed mini bus. is was running it has a tag that says chrysler industrial. i am told that this is a very heavy duty engine. what have they done to this engine to make it heavy duty any idea as to the value thanks lew .

From : tom lawrence

do you know the model year industrial engines usually had some odd modifications which varied from year to year. my suggestion is to sell it to someone needing a 413 for a restoration and get a 440 from the junk yard. right off the bat you gain 27 cubic inches and more speed equipment is available for it. budd lew daniels wrote greetings---i have chrysler 413 ci engine that i pulled from a mini bus.the engine was operating when it crashed i have been told that this is a special and very heavy duty engine. can anyone tell me what makes this engine special and---does anyone have any idea as to the value the value thanks lew .

From : tbone

why are you advertising a ford in a dodge group -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving 83 ford ranger with a 2.8v6 the motor was rebuilt about 15k miles ago and i rebuilt the top end of the motor on 7/23/2003 and have put about 100 miles on it since. fresh valve grind valves lapped head gaskets cleaned to shine! the motor runs strong and runs cool. leaks no fluids has true dual exhaust. 4x4 works well with manual hubs have reciepts for lots of work on the transfer case clutch and alternator. rear and front axles are good trans and xfer case work like new. everything on the truck works even the original radio. has sliding rear window and the ultimate canopy. truck appears to be lifted 1 or 2 inches and has good 30 michelin off road tires on it factory upgraded wheels. starts/runs/drives/stops/climbs excellent. i took it for 100 mile drive on 7/24 with no problems even going up mountains!cooling system holds excellent pressure. passed wa state emissions in 6/2003. asking $1300 well worth your time to come and look at this awesome truck! come get a great deal! blue books at 1700! truck is located in tacoma wa. call carl at 206 293 5847 or e-mail for pics or answers to questions. carl .

From : teched

good grief!!!! yes it was wrong. duh!! thats why i said the beach boys gave in to the gm crowd. the only way the f.i. 327 even as good as it was could beat the sonoramic crossram the short rat roaster ram wasnt in use in 1962 413 was in a song. why do you think the words get kinda blurred so everyone can come to their own conclusions but the lyrics do say the vette won. we need to remember only one of the beach boys ever surfed and i dont think any of them did any drag racing...they just sang about both. the pedals to the floor hear those dual quads great!! n now the 13s startin to skate. *he* throttles ram induction but its understood i gotta fuel injected engine sittin under my hood. the implied win by the singer who was driving the vette chorus shut it off! shut it off! buddy gonna shut you down! the crowd telling him its all over maybe repeated to end of song. note the vettes burning out its clutch common with factory diaphragm units of the era 1962 even on the dual disc clutches and having traction problems i.r.s. with skinny slicks and not the best weight transfer while the 413 with super stock springs was hooking up and a hauling. what i found odd was the boys say they were evenly matched equal numbers and an even race. i dont remember them racing in the same classes back then. budd tbone wrote its just a song. . . and an incorrect one. someone from mopar magazine put up a challenge for a restored stingray to go up against his factory origional super stock dodge. someone took him up and they ran 3 races and the ss dodge creamed it every time. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving budd worker wrote yes but for how long to get the traction im ridin the clutch the pressure plate is burnin and it shakes too much .

From : tom lawrence

good grief!!!! what i found odd was the boys say they were evenly matched equal numbers and an even race. i dont remember them racing in the same classes back then. budd me either they sure didnt fall into the same class through cubic inchs to weight. maybe a f/x or more than likely match races. that was where the money was. roy .

From : nosey

on fri 25 jul 2003 214557 gmt roy wrote on fri 25 jul 2003 084416 -0400 roy wrote just had about 960sq.feet of tile installed. now comes the clean up. what i have to remove is the dust like film that is left behind after the grout. the tile is porcliain if it matters.also the grout is hard and ready for sealing. messed around with a sponge and a couple of buckets of water theres gotta be a quicker way. any thoughts on how to shorten what looks to be a real long job. roy declare it womens work and let the wife do it. you wont clean it to her satisfaction anyway. we never do. beekeep that wont work here. we will get it done together. roy how bout spilling beer on it and turning denny loose .