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Removing transmissions is easy, it's the incidentals that trip

From : marsh monster

Q: .. .. one more thing..... if you do it this saturday...... drag yer pc out under the truck with you..... and if that tranny falls on yer arm..... and yer buddy didnt show up like he promised....... and no one comes when you start screamn..... reminds me of something that happened many years ago. my friend had a hemi coronet and the clutch disk split. so i was under the car removing the transmission. had everything loose but it would not budge so i was under the transmission pulling on the tail shaft and rocking it up and down. the transmission jumped off the bell housing and fell right on my chest. the car was not up very high and i could not get out from under the transmission and i could not roll it off me. while i was suffocating somehow i got free. my chest was sore for a month. that was my first mopar 4 speed extraction. before that most of what i worked on were chevys and they had toy 4 speeds. much later i pulled the transmission out of a 76 volare super six with the overdrive transmission. one look at that thing reminded me of the hemi. drilled four holes in the swivel plate on my floor jack and made an angle iron frame to hold the transmission. it was no problem at all. al .