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Removing transmission....more Fiction than Fact

From : marsh monster

Q: snip ============== ============== marshmonster replies hodad no...... things aint changed so much. and....... i dont have every flywheel machined either. and...... youre not actually supposed to machine one if it doesnt need it. but...... hes working on his back on the ground without the benefit of an industrial compressor a $325 impact gun a $300 air ratchet a top set of acetelene torches and....... a lift !!!! and...... im a perty good judge of when it needs machining or not.......this is liable to be the first flywheel hes ever had to make that call on! would be a dang shame to tell him to not worry bout it if looked ok..... then him see some heat checking on an otherwise smooth flywheel and figure it was okee dokee. when in fact hes be flipping a coin on that call. hes jest better off doing it......dont want him comen back cusn ole marsh cuz he got bad advice.....some of which has been posted in this thread. i can roundtrip that unit in an hour!! he aint gonna wanna touch again after fighting it the first time!! rotflmao so...... if...... he.....thinks its ok not to machine it and he believes the time it takes him to get it back out and back in again.......which i figure is going to be a day and a by all the $35 and take the risk. i do all the time. i a weeeee bit quicker at it than he is....and...there is the slightest possibility that maybejest a perty balls on judge of when one needs machining. i dont take the chance.... because like i stated youre not supposed to machine one if it dont need it. no need to charge a customer for a flywheel if he dont need one......the more you machine it the sooner the customers going to run the risk of having to buy one. especially if theyre going through a lot of clutchs..for whatever reason. kids...overloading...yankin buddies out of mud holes...etc..etc in summary 1 no....clutchs aint changed so much over the years. 2 no...its not an absolute that the flywheel has to be machined on a clutch job. 3 normal proceedure calls for not refinishing if its not neccessary. 4 im not gonna tell some poor slob thats yankn a 4x4 tranny out on his back without any experience and without the benefits of the tools that would make it a piece of cake..... to take a chance just to save 35 bucks. hopefully yer interests were addressed marshmonster good enough for me. appreciate your reply. looks like you kind of understand clutches. wanna finish bleeding the air out of my wives 99 accord clutch what a pain in the ass when you dont have the proper tools! love hondas. hate working on them. hd .


From : budd cochran

well al you got to me a long time ago but i decided to remain peacable. and the water rises due to convection currents. any expansion is negligible. -- budd cochran warning!!! poster still believes that intelligence logic common sense courtesy and religious beliefs are still important in our society and might include them in his posts. liquid does expand when heated. this is high school physics. thats why hot water rises or classifies. youre confusing this with compressing liquids. we were taught you cant compress liquids and even that is false. under enough pressure it will compress. ever hear of hot ice no al i am not confusing compression with expansion and id appreciate it if youd quit talking down to me like im a kid. the hot air rises for the same reason as the water convection but hot air also expands. -- budd cochran warning!!! budd thanks for the warning. just take a second and read what i took the time to tell you. liquid expands when heated! got it another poster tried to explain it but you ignored him too. here one more time liquid expands when heated. if you dont believe me fill a pot to the brim with cool water and heat it. sorry but you are really starting to get to me. al off to cool down... .