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From : tbone

Q: -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving on wed 02 nov 2005 001306 gmt tbone wrote that would probably work and that would be a huge mistake. if the heads have been runny dry long enough to trash the rockers i would say that the seals and guides are pretty much toast as well. re-introducing oil flow at this time would probably result in turning the engine into a killer smoke bomb and make the vehicle undrivable. i would follow budds advice and look into a rebuild or if you do try this method have a set of rebuilt heads and gaskets ready as you may need them really soon. hey its worth a try isnt it the engine will be trash if oiling is not restored and there is a chance restoring oiling will solve the problem without causing it to smoke. would definitely not be the first one. i had a 65 rambler with the same problem that i figured was not worth dissassembling to fix so i fed oil to the rocker shaft with a piece of brake tube connected to a t at the oil pressure switch. shut up the squeaky rockers and no oil consumption problems. i made that mistake with my 62 ford falcon. that engine was notorious for it plugging up the oil feed to the head and when i got this one it was like that for a while. the rockers were so worn out from it they could barely open the valves. at first i just cranked back down on the adjusters to correct the valve lash and would pour stp over the rocker assembly once a week. since there was no oil flow there was no need to worry about the valve cover gasket so it was easy to do and the engine ran fine. after i gave the car to my father he decided to see if he could clear the clogged port and unfortunately we were successful. not only was the rocker assembly well lubricated there were no surviving mosquitoes for miles and the vehicle became close to useless. i would suggest that if the op wants to try this method he first remove the valve covers and with the engine running pour some hot oil over those rocker assemblies and see if it smokes. if not try beekeeps method to clear it and if successful just replace the rocker assembly in each head. if it does then he could still attempt this and if successful replace the heads. either way it will save money over a complete rebuild but the main problem would be that the engine could still have other problems due to possible neglect. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving is it possible to get push rods and lifters for this engine with the oil holes in them the heads are off getting a valve job done now. i can spin the oil pump with a screw driver buy hand and i get oil to the lifters. if i push all the lifters up in there bores i can feel the pump build pressure but nothing comes out of the holes to the heads. i can stick a wire in the holes and it goes all the way to the cam. i doubt that you could and even if you did it wouldnt work. you would never get enough lubrication to the rocker shafts that way if you could get any at all.and they might even cause an oil starvation problem to the mains and cam. you might not see any flow to the heads turning it by hand because you are not spinning the pump fast enough and are losing to much oil in the crank and cam bearings. buy or fabricate a drive shaft for the pump and spin it with a drill high powered slow speed to view proper operation before bolting the heads back on. the oil only comes up thru 1 port on each side. it is toward the rear on the right head second bracket from the rear on the head and the front on the left second bracket from the front on the head. i have been looking for a primer shaft but cant find one for a dodge. is the distributer gear pressed on the oil pump shaft i believe so but the gear and shaft can be lifted out as you must have already done to turn the pump. just make sure that when you put it back you index it properly since your distributor timing depends on it. i dont remember what i used the last time i rebuilt a 360. i do remember using a long 3/8 socket extension and my large right angle drill. i dont remember if the extension fit into the pump drive directly or if i was using a hex socket that did on the end of it. the memory fades when you get older and i aint that old yet very scary. if you do need to use a socket make sure it fits tightly on the extension. you really dont want to lose the socket in there or have it fall off in the pump drive. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .