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Removing transmission....Fact not Fiction...yer welcome

From : marsh monster

Q: on thu 27 oct 2005 173122 -0700 big al wrote thank you for trying to understand this crap design. so the engineers think its ok to have the throw out bearing spin continously. thats why they dont last as long as they used to. in the interest of lower cost the engineers have again screw us with a poor design. generally not enough pressure to cause the bearing to spin all the time - just rub gently and slowly rotate. if the hydraulic system had a spring like budd said there would be no way to control free play. it would just return the slave all the way in. and you would need to adjust the clutch just like on a mechanical system. some hydraulic systems actually do work this way. spring and all. marshmonster has to go work on his to get that brake master cylinder below the level of the calipers another problem i had to deal with in my 74 camaro race car. at least i figured that one out by myself. al .