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Removing transmission...Budd does it a lot cuz he don't knowhow

From : budd cochran

Q: i accept and allow me to apologize for a post i just sent to the other reply. -- budd cochran liquid does expand when heated. this is high school physics. thats why hot water rises or classifies. youre confusing this with compressing liquids. we were taught you cant compress liquids and even that is false. under enough pressure it will compress. ever hear of hot ice no al i am not confusing compression with expansion and id appreciate it if youd quit talking down to me like im a kid. the hot air rises for the same reason as the water convection but hot air also expands. -- budd cochran warning!!! budd let me apologize for the last post. i think i just misunderstood your reply. what i think you were saying is air also expands. not that liquid does not expand. sorry please except my apology al cooled off now.... .