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Removing transmission and Budds experience

From : marsh monster

Q: .. .. inline =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d if the hydraulic system had a spring like budd said there would be no way to control free play. it would just return the slave all the way in. al =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d budd=a0cochran wrote uh al they make adjustable pushrods dont they besides one advantage to a hydraulic setup is the ease or lack of need for adjustment. with a hydraulic setup everything can be slammed together at the factory bled with a pressurized filler and sent down the line. -- budd cochran warning!!! poster still believes that intelligence logic common sense courtesy and religious beliefs are still important in our society and might include them in his posts. =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d uh budd you should use some of that intelligence logic and common sense you want others to use in their posts. 1 big al was referring to slave cylinders... as were you in the post he was referring back to!! 2 on hydraulic clutch systems which is what the thread has become about the adjustable push rod is on the master cylinder.....not on the slave cylinder and we have been discussing the slave cylinder....and so have you. 3 most of the systems do not incorporate an adjustable push rod at all. so....that jest chunks one more kink in yer hydraulic theories. 4 as far as hydraulic setups being easy...... theyre easy to me and its easy to see that you think theyre easy to thee but i can see that you should be more concerned with a diagnostic order to be...more proficient you see...when you debate with me.....hydraulic formalities. marshmonster endorses budds postscript signature .


From : budd cochran

.. .. inline =========== =========== big al ok by what design the master cylinder is above the slave cylinder. gravity would put some pressure on the slave cylinder. snip al ========= ========= because budd rearanged all the electrons in the post sos he could rant fer his own benefit.. the following is in broadway script form... quite appropriate being as this has turned into a comedy only because were laughing at your deliberately poor english. marsh replied the slave does not back off the throw out arm. it stays in contact with it. release arm lol so how many ways can a link to a piston be connected why......because if it didnt ..... it would fall out the ball seat on the release arm and when you stomped down on the clutch pedal the rod would shoot out into the bellhousing.....and the slave cylinder piston would come blowing out. which would be a nasty thing and quite the inconvenience to repair all the time. then you have not the knowledge you think you have. budd said rotflmbo!!! got for you friend. there are many hydraulic pushrod / socket arrangements that have slack in them . . .ya just need a socket made a little deeper or a soft rubber retainer to hold them together . . look at the brake pedal push rod if you need proof . and before you cackle again the hydraulic pressure on this rod is from the return springs on your braking system pushing it back up after a brake application.. marsh said a spring placed behind the apply piston inside the slave keeps the piston forward pushing forward the apply rod against the release arm moving the release bearing forward on the bearing retainer which rides in contact with the pressure all times unless the systems fubared. budd says that setup is wrong. the spring has to return the piston. marsh stated the spring tension of the pressure plate works against the spring tension of the slave cylinder apply piston......... budd said and your throwout bearing gets the bejesus worn out of it in short order. and....wah..lah...... its voila! fr phonetic v-wa-la genius. oh btw miss piggy doesnt say it right. marsh said no hydraulic pressure..... jest an ole timey mechanical spring and arm set a fancy package. budd cackled bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!! marsh asked can you figure out why the piston can move in and out at over 1500 rpms without creating hydr. pres. that would actually cause the clutch to apply budd said uh strokes which are what a piston does are not measured in rpms but strokes per minute second day year millennium; pick one snip ========= ========= budd #1 if you need to be adding sockets and rubber to hold yer pushrods in.....then you shouldnt be giving the op advice on how to do a good job... then youve never had a brake master cylinder off a 60s era car. #2 were are not discussing brakes...and if we were.....could you please tell me where i could find the return springs in my brake system thats causing hydraulic pressure to push the pedal back up...rotflmfao at yer total ignorance of brake hydraulics too. i see youve never had wheel cylinders apart either. #3 now this ones tricky....cuz yer correct..... the spring does return the piston.... jest as i stated.......... but the for the life of me i cant figure out why you said the setup was wrong but then in the next sentence confirmed what i said. mustve been on the last glass of shroom juice on that one ....aye a spring cant push and pull at the same time. #4 for the last time you ignernt fool...... the release bearing rides on the fingers of the pressure plate....thats a fact..... and you rantn on about a release bearing getn the bejesus worn out of it in short order is not gonna change that fact!!!! and the fingers keep that race turning and turning and . . . we can debate why the bearing aint wearing out all the time if you like....but be advised... im likely to come out ahead in the spitting match....cuz im willn to bet that i got a hell of a lot better handle on a clutch system than you do.... from what ive read no you dont. #5 i wuznt gonna call you names in this thread... but you done started it ... so....... idiot at least on clutch systems...and im startn to hope aint no heavy trucks runnn round my area that you did brake jobs on too ive been called worse by better than you. come on prove you know where your head is at list your qualifications. marshmonster certifiable...not certified not certified to work on vehicles oh and fire up your spell checker. your posts are giving mine a headache. -- budd cochran warning!!! poster still believes that intelligence logic common sense courtesy and religious beliefs are still important in our society and might include them in his posts.