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Rebuild or replace engine?

From : jason

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From : beekeep

for $25.00 i couldnt be bothered to change my oil. kevin campbell i just reach in over the right front tire to get mine it will come out through that hole. pj ritz hi all i would like to change the oil and filter myself on my 99 dakota sport 4x4 with the 5.2 v-8 engine. i can reach the oil pan drain plug without elevating the truck however i dont seem to have sufficient access to remove the oil filter without elevating the truck. i note that there is a cutout through which the oil filter is visible by looking under the front fender through the fiber shield. it doesnt appear that the filter can be removed through this access hole due to the clearances available. i may be missing something however. any comments would be appreciate. thanks- john -----= posted via uncensored usenet =----- http// - the #1 group service in the world! -----== over 80000 groups - 16 different servers! =----- .

From : sackiss

if you have an auto trans do you have five noticable shift points or six shift points while moving forward if you can feel six then you have a five speed with a five speed the trans computer has probaly been reprogrammed at one time anyway. the proper way to set trans fluid level on a 4.7 with and auto is by fluid temp and level on stick i have found that replacing both filters the trans takes a hair under 7 quarts of atf type 4 becareful of the new seal for the primary trans filter it can be difficult to install if you dont pay attention. good luck bryan my truck is my 2000 but somehow it got the 5 spd thats nice but the owners manual or the shop manual does not specify how much atf goes in since it was not an option for the year. i pulled approximately 6 quarts out ... anyone have the recommended qty .