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Reason # 1 NOT to buy an A/M Service Contract!

From : mike simmons

Q: i vote lazy!!!!!! take it back and make him recenter the steering wheel its part of the toe-in adjustment. if he tries to weasel out of it find another shop hes either lazy or stupid. i have a 1998 dodge ram sport.glad to say not a day of trouble.altough one day i noticed the front tires were worn on the outsides.bought new tires and had it alinged.the question i have for you is the steering wheel is not straight any more when driving straight.the truck does not pull at all you can leave your hands off the wheel for quite some time nor does it pull when a do it yourself guy on most thingsmy mechanic said there was a seperate adjustment for this problemis this true and and if so how to remedy the crooked wheelwould be greatly appreciated. thank you ed .


From : dan j s

on tue 22 jul 2003 154056 gmt roy wrote did you have a barrier set up so greenpeace was kept at a safe distance ill let him answer that one when he gets home. funny though i never gave a thought to people never seeing the ocean before. his daughter first time. seas were real calm which can be very misleading. none of them are swimmers so i left him with the rule no deeper that your knees. shit can and does happen real fast. on a separate note is there a company strasser woodworks near you bought a bunch of stuff of theirs. supposed to be top line and have gone through 5 medicine cabinets so far things are cracked or scuffed. damn nightmare. should have gone to homo depot. roy same here with our folks from n. dakota bro.... wanted to see the coast more than dizzyland or san fran.... .