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Rear axle question for the group.

From : cigarski

Q: 2000 dakota quad cab 4.7 auto 4x4 with a ls diff. 9.25 what does the dodge lsd sound like when its coming apart i took a pretty good shot to the rear of the truck from a drunk driver a couple of weeks back. the impact was from the right rear mostly from her catching and getting caught up in the bumper. pushed the truck into the wifes car and my neighbors car. picture here http// i now have a noise that sounds like all hell is breaking loose when i accelerate quickly from a stop. kind of like a rotational snapping and popping. it does not happen when accelerating slowly or when punching the throttle while moving. i have also developed a chirping sound while moving similar to a cricket between 30 -50 mph. both sounds seam to be at the back of the truck. ill have the body shop guy road test it while he has it in for repair. goes in monday and i wont get it back until the first week of october. thanks for any input. wayne .


From : iamgoode

probably a bent axle or binding drive shaft but if its that bad the axle should start leaking or the u joint should give way soon.. rec.bicycles.marketplace .

From : ron s

make sure the body shop notes it somewhere so it can be included in the insurance damage estimate. when your truck was hit it was in park and the sudden impact could very easily have damanaged the drivetrain even though the truck was stationary. better check the transmission out real close also. ron .