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Rear Disc brake conversion for 1998 2500 4x4

From : r

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From : ray m

maybe i was reading old posts. any other source besides i think $2000 is a little steep. who said $2k its $995 .

From : tom lawrence

maybe i was reading old posts. could be. i think it was $2k when it was first announced but ive got a kit installed on my 99 and i can tell you i paid $995 for it. another company tsm manufacturing http// offers a kit for $400 not including calipers. $550 gets you the kit with calipers and flex lines no parking brake. $750 gets you a complete kit with parking brakes. .

From : r

in a post i made regarding my deciding to go with 4.7l or hemi 2003 ram i received several emails saying to never buy a new model/generation engine. assuming you would inn effect be a guinea pig for all the problems the new engine will need twekaed. is this a myth i would suspect it makes some sense logically. i bought the hemi without considering this fact. love it...... so far ;^ is there anyone who has put a lot of miles on their hemi yet todd i would not want to buy a new product untested in real use. also i have a problem with high horsepower/volume ratio engines which i suspect have a smaller expected lifetime. i .