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From : heatwave

Q: suddenly without warning mac davis exclaimed 9/12/2007 1120 pm on wed 12 sep 2007 202508 +0930 jmc nogroupsspam@nojodibody.homeus wrote does that mean youre gonna bake a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and mail them to everybody in the group vbg denny uh.... no. pot brownies then mac well... in theory i could do the brownie part. from the scent when the wind is right i could get the herbs from the neighbors... but youd have to come here to get em. jmc .


From : roy

on my way back from a long trip i noticed the digital compass / temperature readout was freaking out. display was randomly making unreadable displays. i turned it off and back on and still the same. turned it off again for awhile and back on again. stayed normal for awhile but then started again. was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and what was the fix or if anyone has any ideas of why it is doing it all of a sudden. i have a 96 1500 ram 5.2l extended cab 4x4 slt sport model with 145000 miles. thanks t .