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Rattle on '94 Dakota 4x4

From : mulatz

Q: michael i have the ho 5.9 03 in my 3500 dually 6 sp manual with the 4.10. 4x4 ext cab long bed here is a breakdown of mileage i get at different speeds 30 mph = 38 mpg 40 mph = 27 mpg 50 mph = 23 mpg 60 mph = 19 mpg 70 mph = 15 mpg this is all on a flat level surface in 6th gear. as you can see your speed is a gigantic factor in your mpg and your 80 mph driving habit is the reason your mileage is so low. bring that baby down to 55 and youll see 20+ mpg and ensure youll get there in one piece. -tim hello all... i have a 2003 ram 2500 with the cummins 5.9l ho engine and the automatic tranny. i have just under 10000 miles on it so far. i have heard of other ram owners with diesel engines claiming that they get close to +/- 20mpg. i dont get anywhere close to this. the best i have ever gotten was 16mpg and on average i get about 14.8 - 15. typical use is highway miles usually empty driver and maybe one small passenger and not towing anything. i typically have the cruise control set at 80mph and the engine tachs at about 2300 at that speed. the crazy thing is that i get almost the exact same mileage when towing a 4000lbs trailer. the power this truck has is truely impressive but i thought i would get a little better mpgs. if there are any other 2003 cummins ho auto-tranny owners out there who track their mileage i would be very interested in what you are getting. thanks! .