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Ramcharger glass

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Q: my 01 ram also pulls to the right. this after 2 new sets of tires and taking it to 2 alignment shops. both said the truck is within specs. the last one gave me a printed read out that shows the left caster at +4.00 and the right at +5.00. they said if anything it should be pulling to the left. i still havent been able to get mine corrected. i have an 02 ram that has always pulled to the right and wears the driver front tire unevenly. i have had it aligned 5 times in the last 33000 miles. the best alignment i got which seemed to last about 5k miles was from the dealer. ive had the dealer check the steering and frontend all within spec and in good shape. it simply wont stay aligned. btw i never go offroad. the roads i travel on are new and pothole free. craig c. 2002 ram 1500 qc 4x4 5.9l .