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Ram Shakes when I hit the brakes. Only after a few miles.

From : steve meyer

Q: find one that is the same size as yours. or try or try schucks will ship directly to your house hope this helps. carl where the hell can i get a 180-degree thermostat for my 5.9 believe it ornot nobody in south florida carries them. been to bennet pep discount etc. with no luck. tried the 160 but it trips the check engine light - too cold. joe black 03 dakota 5.9 r/t cc calypso green 93 mustang 5.0 lx hatch with a few goodies .


From : michael

hey all just got the 2500 quad hemi. any suggestions on what to throw on it for improved gas mileage and hp talk about a contradiction in terms. roy sorry either/or. jason. really then how did dc get both with the hemi over the 360 and 318 id wonder about weight and ride height. i doubt that it weighs any less and it may actually be taller then it was. either way it still has more hp and gets better mileage. still would like to know if they have shaved a few hundred pounds off the weight of the truck. that would pick up the mpg seems to me that they are a bit closer to the ground. also would pick up the mpg. the weight lose might also apply to the engine. a few lightweight goodies and you grab some hp. there are two ways of increasing hp. if you make an engine more efficient then you get more hp for the same amount of fuel and that gives you better mileage by default. the other way is simply to ram more air and fuel into it and that is the either or method that you are referring to. the ram of more air doesnt really come into play until over 60mph unless it is a turbo or sc. imo the turbo or super charger are what i was referring to by ramming more air and fuel into the engine and it comes into play the second that you step on the gas. the problem with them is that they really dont make the engine any more efficient and when they come into play you lose mileage. i thought you were playing with one of those k$n deals. was just reading an article on a vortech sc. 2500rpm is about where they come to life they arent really instant on. for street use i figure that would probably be better. never get the tires hooked up otherwise. roy .

From : steve meyer

on fri 25 jul 2003 204607 gmt crooked-ridez wrote sorry to hear that i have had no complaints from over 100 members so far. i use netscape and ie with no problems. works fine. whatever it is locked up my netscape 4 times. budd crooked-ridez wrote sorry your wrong. this isnt spam. spam would be off topic. this is on topic. im just posting a link for other to see. im not trying to sell you anything. sorry you feel that way. automotive community for all types of vehicles come over and have a look. no advertising pop-ups or any other trash. http// no ads pop-ups or trash.......just spam. .