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Ram 2500 5.9 L pinging resolved?

From : scout

Q: how furry is he...really average for one of his size. nice neutral answer.... is it true that one ear is floppy and one stands out at a 90 degree angle no both are the same. nope you missed that one. one of them ears is left eared. g is it true that due to a mishap with the machine his tail isnt cottonballish i have no knowledge of what or how he and red used the machine mainly true. the machine went directly from the east coast out to red. i have only heard stories about it. is it true that if you mention easter around him he goes into a catanic rage i didnt have the balls to mention easter his wife and daughter were with us. yep. cari would have beat you up!! is it true that hes gotten a skunk mohawk as to be treated better and with more respect by the other furry woodland creatures he was sporting a sorta $1.50 haircuts ya had when you were a kid. $1.50 that buzz job cost me 10 bucks!!! denny .


From : tbone

did you have a barrier set up so greenpeace was kept at a safe distance ill let him answer that one when he gets home. notice how somebody is evading the greenpeace issue i wonder why that would be bg well chubs answer the man!g funny though i never gave a thought to people never seeing the ocean before. his daughter first time. seas were real calm which can be very misleading. none of them are swimmers so i left him with the rule no deeper that your knees. shit can and does happen real fast. and that was a good suggestion and followed to the t. we walked up and down the beach got our feet wet got a few shells and took a bunch of pictures. the biggest disappointment was that we could not see the sunrise either morning that we was there. dammed overcast!! ya gotta look to the east!! roy denny .

From : scout

damn if you are paying 10 bucks for that wait do they do the tail too bfg roy im gonna have to ask barb the barber the next time i see her if i can get a little tail with my head job. ill get back to you with that answer!!! g denny .

From : 99scanner roy wrote figured id start at 25.5 and see what happens. good luck! dodge has ruined the market for their trucks.....dave smith motors is advertising qc cummins trucks for under $20k right now. i cant even get any lookers for mine at $21000 01 qc cummins ho. so long.... =9b=9b=9b=9b=9b=9b=a0eldon ; http// http// .

From : scout

max340 wrote latest major action 1/30/2003 referred to senate committee. status read twice and referred to the committee on commerce science and transportation. sounds like the bill might ne dead or is being killed. by the time the three committees mentioned complete their work and refer the bill back to the senate committee the year will be coming to a close and if not brought to the floor before then it is dead. nevertheless readers should go after the committee members if known and try to shut it down there. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. .

From : 99scanner

i replace the radiator in my 94 ram 1500 and it took about 20 minutes. one problem the trans fluid line had a quick disconnect and i ruined the small clamp pulling it off. anyone know where to get that part so far i have been to three part stores two dealers a hydrolic shop and a radiator shop and no luck. maybe i can find the right tool to take the part off and try a junk yard. any help .