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Radio in '03 Ram

From : wmhj

Q: im looking at a dakota r/t 2000. what should i look out for .


From : tom lawrence

todd overfilling can cause problems with the evaporatory system but i really doubt that was the case with yours. the insistence by some folks to fill er to the brim can actually cause the evap system to ingest liquid fuel rather than just vapor and that can cause damage. mike turns out it was the gas vapor cannister. the explanation was not that convincing but it was definitely letting out smoke in the smoke test. they stated that the cannister goes bad easily if people overfill the gas tank. the over fill causes cannister to get full of vapor which makes the hoses swell and eventually fail. only think that makes no sense with that is that a i never overfill or top off tank; i sit in truck listening to music when it clicks off i take nozzle out and b the truck only has 2000 miles on it. while they were convinced it was an overfilling issue despite me telling them i never do that i think it was just a faulty cannister. thanks mike. appreciate the info. delaer said i had 2 computer code warnings one medium level one large i presume pertaining to size of leak detected. they have it in today will post the results. todd we use the smoke generator on almost a daily basis. the new evaporative emissions systems are pretty finicky even the slightest leak will set a check engine light. your dealer will connect a smoke generator to your system and fill it will cool smoke and visually inspect for leaks. some of the components are located in places that are damned near impossible to see. hopefully your leak will be obvious and quick to correct. some of the more common sources of leaks that i have seen are the fuel cap evap purge solenoid and fuel pump module sealing ring. not a big deal really just a pita to do! ^ chryco service manager member sae fuel vapor leak is what they are checking for with the smoke test. anyone else been down this road thanks todd on my second trip back for engine light coming on. first try was ssuspected gas cap. repalced back on a week later. they are going to have to run a smoke test through it to find the leak. say the check system is too sensitive. not sure if they said vaccum or emmission leak - think emmsisions. anyone had this yet this is on a brand new 2400 milkes 2003 ram hemi. thanks todd .