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RAM 2003 Air Intake Kits

From : scanman

Q: alas nosey you are overlooking human nature.... someone would find something to bitch about! ^ mike you fergot the two posters who argue whether you use a beam type torque wrench or click type torque wrench to tighten the bulb! i am growing pretty darned sick and tired of the blatant discrimination shown to the dial-type crowd. oh sure... we dont have a big powerful lobby like the clickers and we arent as sympathetic as the beamers but dammit were a choice too! we can still do the job... ya just gotta give us a chance. i think we need to get more legislation passed to outlaw the oppressive tactics constantly employed by the clickers and the beamers. to be fair all repair shops should be required to maintain a certain percentage of dial-type wrenches so as not to perpetuate the unfair advantage currently enjoyed by the other two. some day hopefully soon each dial-type wrench will enjoy the same opportunities afforded their beam and click brothers. can i get an amen why cant they just make a beam type clicking dial torque wrench and keep everyone happy .


From : dave dixon

hey all i have a 97 ram slt with original am/fm tape player in it! i was playing a tape comedian pablo francisco the other day and when i got home i just shut the truck off without ejecting the tape when i restart the truck later in the evening the tape doesnt play just the radio and i cant get the tape to eject. the last thing i want to do is destroy the tape to get it out of the player. any suggestions thank you caryv .

From : roy

v6 with new alternator and internal regulator and new battery will not charge. checked all fuses and wiring plus took alternator back for a replacement tested at advanced auto and is putting out but still no luck. driving me crazy. please email with any advice. thanks group... bill .

From : roy

r r wrote in hey i love that project copperhead truck theyre working on on that trucks show on tnn. i was wondering if anyone caught them say what color that was do you if its a custom color or is it under a name its obviously some type of copper but it has a orange sheen and a pearl look to it almost. cheers remo rosati author divine intervention http// now available at over 50000 bookstores take this forumla to any ppg distributor and theyll do a custom mix for you. code color cumulative parts quantity 1 quart. dmd1698 medium a 467.9 467.9 dmd1610 transpar 809.0 341.1 dmd650 sparkle 879.0 70.0 dmd1606 pervlene 918.4 39.4 dmd648 weak bla 949.0 30.6 dmd646 weak whi 970.9 21.9 dmd622 red oxid 975.3 4.4 dbx1689 basecoat 1027.8 52.5 .