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RAM 1500 record gas mileage

From : jonathan kaplan

Q: on tue 15 jul 2003 222038 gmt denny wrote oh..bite me... lol hey!! i worked long and hard for this whine moment. at least let me enjoy it. gbfg roy are you sure you dont have some woman in you somewhere vbg denny maybe he found his inner puppy now that is scary!!! denny .


From : unemployabel

i am selling my 98 dodge ram for $21000 it is fully loaded with every extra dodge offered in 98 an slt larime with leather wood snti slip diffs. etc. looks new runs like new 5.9 cummins 24 valve with new auto trans. see pics on in so. california. .

From : scanman

if you have frost on any part of it it is low ok 97 ram pressure ranges from 30 - 45 with the clutch cycles the clutch kicks on for about 3-4 seconds then off for 3-4 seconds pressure goes from 30 up to 45 when compressor stops and then back down on when the clutch kicks on the line going from the firewall to the condenser gets condensation and frost on it. the line going from the firewall to the accumulatoris that right does not get cold at all. the accumulator is actually kind of warm. is that typical my own belief is that it is low on refrigerant. does this sound right .

From : jps email

on mon 14 jul 2003 194332 -0500 mike simmons wrote glad youre ok mike... any update on your son yeah mac i spoke to him yesterday and they did a nerve study at the naval hospital at camp lejeune. one nerve is dead and the other that was damaged is on partially conductive. the navy docs seem to think that the one that is partially conductive will eventually heal entirely and the one that is dead may come back to life eventually. if it doesnt the docs say that the dead nerve may regenerate via the nerve that is ok since the two are parallel and intertwined together. he still has no feeling in his right pinkie or ring finger. he still cannot grasp anything smaller than a tennis ball and they feel that another surgery to the tendons in another couple of months will fix that. the outlook for a 100 per cent recover is now dimmer but the docs still feel that he will have at least 85 percent use of the hand back when all the dust settles. they tell him that the nerves regenerate very slowly something on the order of 1/10th of an inch per month which could mean several years before he gets feeling back in the numb fingers. one of my techs at work boogered up his hand many years ago and he said that it was thre years before he got full feeling back. anyway hes home and hes safe so the outcome could have been a lot worse. hes been taken off combat duty and now has an office job where hes in charge of battalion training. he was offered a job at camp pendleton as an lav instructor but i think he wants to stay in nc vs ca. thanks for your interest and if any new developments happen i will let you know. by the way his recommendation for a bronze star with combat v was approved at batallion and at the 2nd mardiv so now its in the hands of hq usmc. mike mike just read this and searched the archives for the story. sorry to hear about your boys injury. well not a boy but a man a marine. i hope his injury heals well and although it may not be quick i hope it doesnt give him problems later in life. im glad he came back. well say a prayer for him. fmb .

From : jonathan kaplan

does anyone know if i were to add an automatic transmission oil cooler on my own to my 2003 dakota if it would void the warranty from what i read it would be cheaper to do it myself and does not sound that hard once i figure out where it mounts. steve remove spam for e-mail .

From : richardson brian

does anyone know if i were to add an automatic transmission oil cooler on my own to my 2003 dakota if it would void the warranty from what i read it would be cheaper to do it myself and does not sound that hard once i figure out where it mounts. steve remove spam for e-mail if you mount your cooler like you post in groups you are in trouble! .

From : kirby

mine went out after 43580 miles. 2001 318 auto ram right at about $1600 to fix it bk on wed 16 jul 2003 191242 -0500 dale simpson wrote i just bought a 98 dakota and when my neighbor saw ithe is also a dodge owner he said i hope you have a spare couple of grand because you are gonna have to replace that tranny. is there even a grain of truth to his assertion that all dodge trucks have substandard transmissions i looked the truck up on some kind of consumer reporting website before i bought it and they said that it was a pretty much trouble free truck. please tell me that my tranny isnt destined to fail! the only other dodge i have ever owned is a 84 ram charger and i loved that truck with that big ole 360 and extra large tires wish i still had it but the mileage sucked and i travel a lot for work. any input from this group of dodge lovers will be greatly appreciated! dale simpson .

From : fow

its a dry heat not like what you have out in nc. if you want to see what the current conditions are in st george ut try this link http// on wed 23 jul 2003 205936 gmt nathan w. collier wrote try southern utah or northern az. lots of areas for you to play in your jeep. wife can be a nurse at the hospitals and you can hvac. ive thought about areas like that dunno how id like the heat though. of course if you moved there id then have a good reason to meet the legendary nate since i live in southern ca kick ass.....ill be out that way sooner or later anyway will have to hook up and meet! i plan on running the rubicon trail with a few online friends from so cal. rather b. beachen .

From : pclark70

on tue 22 jul 2003 124048 gmt gary glaenzer wrote on tue 22 jul 2003 013940 gmt budd cochran wrote dont know anything about heart disease do you most of the time its genetic. does either of your parents have heart trouble if so your chances of heart trouble go up by about 70%. in other words a manufacturers defect like my truck tranny you really are an asshole greg give me a break. i could have said it was from inbreeding. yes you could have which would make you an even larger asshole i guess you like budd dont think it is possible that a bad tranny design might be the cause of failure. i took your advise and had a tranny cooler installed on the last one and it has lasted over 100k so far. it is just my opinion but i think the cooler made the difference which is chryslers poor engineering design. to say to me that it was my fault that i didnt add one in the beginning would be like me saying to budd that he should have had a pacemaker installed when he was born. i did sign the dnr. my heart restarted on its own. and im not miserable . . my retirement plan is literally out of this world. that explains it - your mind is with your retirement plan. keep attempting to make jokes at others expense boy one say it will be your turn in the hot seat and you will get to see what its all about dont start with me gary you know very well that i leave you alone untill you start something. then i tend to call you what you are. fucking terrified .

From : will

this is why i dont buy vehicles with auto trannys! buying autos is like play russian roulet. sticks get better mileage anyhoo. .

From : Annonymous

.. do weall really have to watch this g if its okay with bud i was going to stream it live. rather b. beachen .

From : Annonymous

the purpose of this group is to answer questions correct historically those questions are not always on topic correct i was responding to questions and statements made about what i had said to nate about utah christianity and mormonism yes / no if theguy viciously flames me for that then is that not an attack why dont you wait and see how it goes before you jump on me too budd mac davis wrote on fri 25 jul 2003 233956 gmt roy wrote nope but it could be because you are unable to mind your own business. budd let me help you out just a little since you seem to have a considerable problem grasping what should be a pretty simple idea. this is a group. this is a public group. there is no password to get onto this ng. there is no password to be able to read any of the threads. when you post your normal senile dribble it is being posted to this public group. anyone can read it. anyone can comment on it. a person such as me can certainly chose to ignore a post or can certainly chose to just not read a particular post or particular posts from any particular imbecile. at the same time and in that same vein a person can chose to read any post here and can chose to post a response. that is because it is a public ng. there is no butting in you stupid twit. if you want to have a private conversation then take it to email or to a chat room that is invitation only. or build your own web site and only allow certain people to come to your site yeah id like to see that web design by budd---can you fit the whole old testament on a web site anyway budd if you continue to post here then everyone else that comes here will be able to and will have the rights to read your post and to then make a choice as to whether or not they want to respond to your ridiculous ramblings. it isnt butting in you idiot it is because you posted your comments to the public. me well i have pretty much tried all of the options but i find myself unable to let your incredible stupidity and your totally instable perspectives of the world go unchallenged. its like when i was a kid at horror movies you know i would always put my hand over my eyes at the really scary parts but i always found myself peeking. the bizarre and micabre always draws our attention sort of like the fat bearded lady at the circus. thats how i think of you budd you are the fat bearded lady at the circus. that was pretty funny. roy yep.... and more literate and better said than i coulda done by far! i woulda just said something dumb like oh shit budds being attacked again! and go flamed... .

From : craig christian

and thinking that an suv will do that is a wifes tale. they are no safer than any other vehicle and in many cases been proven to be less safe. sure if you hit a neon with your escalade you will probably do fine but if the next one is against a navigator you will probably do far worse than a neon hitting a stratus. the primary way for automobile manufacturers to comply with cafe standards is to make smaller cars with lighter designs. but these lighter cars drastically compromise passenger safety. a 1999 study published in usa today -- using data collected in part by the national highway traffic safety administration - found that since 1975 46000 people have died in crashes they otherwise would have survived had they been traveling in bigger heavier cars. thats almost as many casualties as we had in the vietnam war! additionally a separate report by the national academy of sciences issued last august concluded that cafe requirements contribute to as many as 2600 traffic deaths every year. .

From : spam dump

on 28 jul 2003 100120 -0700 craig christian wrote i must not be living right 2003 dakota cubcab 3.9 v6 12 mpg. or less if i use the ac a lot. the truck is a dog and cant get out of its own way and sucks gas like there is no tomorrow. you might want to take it in. you should be getting at least 16 mpg with the v6 and thats if you drive it like its stolen. craig c. 2002 ram 1500 qc 4x4 5.9l i baby the snot out of it. it has no nads anyway. my wifes mini-van blows the thing away. do you know how embarrassing it is to get beat out of a light by a mini-van not to mention the fact that the mini-van is getting 7 mpg more while doing it. the exhaust on this thing is so choked up it sounds more like an air leak in a basketball than an engine. i really regret buying it. its a nice quiet riding truck but the motor is a pos dog .

From : spam dump

i just know a good deal on a truck when i see it... $3001.27 denny if i didnt know better i would think that you are just trying to drive the price up for your friend there. $3001.26 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $3001.25 denny $3001 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $3000 denny $2800 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $2750 denny $2600 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $2500 denny $2300 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $2250 denny why i auta $1800 -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving $1750 denny i think that you two need to get a room - btw ill give you 1500 for it. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving wtf!! the witnesss have been tampered with and coerced you have probably threatened cari with a stale clam. kim is probably in fear that youll find your way to the bedroom. gbfg reply from cari. you fibulator! take that from a female teenager i cant believe cari is turning on me already.g reply from kim if you denny were a beached whale it would take greenpeace in a rubber raft to pull you denny off the beach. it would take a whole tugboat to move roys ass back to the water the reason it would take a tugboat is .... well let me put it this way ya cant drive a spike with a tack hammer. i guess its time for sue to put in a few comments!! or is she sitting back in a corner snickering too much to type her comments on this tack hammer will be priceless!!! denny .

From : craig christian

what was the percentage of midsized and large suvs on the road in 1997 i would say very small since most of them didnt exist yet. an outright fabrication. chevy suburban blazer s-10blazer tracker tahoe ford bronco bronco ii explorer expedition etc many suvs were around in 1997. but the suvs of the time were nothing compared to what they are today but even more important what was the percentage of them as compared to other traffic. funny how that article didnt bother to mention that or was it that they were afraid to do so. either way it still indicates that 43% of the fatalities were due to collisions with larger vehicles like midsized and large suvs. wrong. as rick said the data states that just 1% of small-car deaths in 1997 involved collisions with midsize and large suvs -- 136 out of 12144 total small-car deaths that year. learn how to read there maxiboy i said like midsized and large suvs. the point is that 43% of the deaths are unaccounted for in this article. what were they alien abductions since small cars and single car accidents were covered the only thing left are large vehicles like midsized and large suvs that would also include pickups which were specifically not mentioned

From : schuss

interested in observations about the differences in the two diesels. am told by chryco dealer that the cummins is a medium duty that specifies rebuild at 350k miles. chevy salesman wasnt sure if the 6.6 v8 is medium or light duty or when the rebuild is recommended. the cummins is a medium duty that has been tested to 350k with nothing but maintenanace. real world suggests that much longer durations are possible with a million yup million miles on a cummins being well within possibility. the duramax is a recent design using aluminum heads. it is a light duty diesel and its power band is not unlike a gasoline engine with high revving and top end power. thus its mpg stats are not as great as the cummins. it is unknown how long the duramax will go before rebuild since no testing has been released to the public on a large scale. head to head the cummins is a far better engine for many reasons. 1 inline design delivers better torque. 2 lower torque band puts power where its needed to pull a load. 3 two less cylinders means less moving parts. 4 inline six means more main bearings for better support of crankshaft under load. 5 proven design over two decades of use and development. 6 cast iron vs loomnum ^ mike max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : don d

yeah theyd be about as dry as you are fucking dumbfucking idiot yeah hit oughta lass fever hit dunt mek nuff powah or turn nuff rpms to put no stress on de motah. lo rpm torq daz whut dey all say when dey gits dey butts kicked! ken u magin how dry dem oil fiels wud be ifn ever body driv a 5.9! .

From : robert e smith

me wrote snipped i believe that ny state and connecticut allow their possession but it is illegal to use them. washington dc and va ban their possession obviously that covers use as well. didnt think the use is illegal. do you have some proof of that as far as i know virginia and d.c. are the only banning states. use of a radio that can receive police signals is illegal in ny. hd in ny i just bought a new passport enrt to el paso for two weeks the paperwork said its illegal in virginia and wash dc. it didnt say anything about any other states. it also said to check local laws......catch all i guess. btw the passport works well. it detects radar so far out you almost forget about it and speed up before you get to it. it detect laser too but if your the only one on the road you might get caught. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply .

From : bob doe

on fri 15 aug 2003 203031 gmt trey wrote if i was working with it every day i would rather get a purpose built generator in stead of putting all those operating hours on my trucks engine. what would use more fuel a 5000 watt generator or running the trucks engine with a 5000 generator under the hood then what is the cost difference between the under hood generator and an external one agreed. but. theres more than fuel considerations. i have two generators. one diesel one gas. the diesel is too big and too heavy for on-site work. once it gets someplace. it tends to stay where it is. the gas generator is lighter but still takes up a lot of space in the truck bed is another thing to hassle with and keep running right etc. etc. for situations like my friend uses his a day or three on the job until they get the temporary power in there an under hood generator makes some sense. i do the same on-site stuff but i use batteries and inverters. i have a dodge 350 extended maxi van and i use a continuous duty solenoid to bleed off excess juice produced by the alternator while im driving and avoid killing the starting battery when im not...and by the way those battery isolators they sell at rv places to do the same job suck. they steal at least a volt and a half out of your system to a bank of four 100 amp-hour gel batteries and this is juice that is normally discarded by your system but the way so its essentially free. the batteries are connected to two inverters a 5000 watt modified sine wave inverter for tools and the refrigerator and such and a 500 watt true sine wave inverter for electronic and other wave sensitive shit stuff. this is the best rig by far in my opinion but even if you use blem batteries and get everything at apocalypse-sale prices it takes some dough and some time to get it set up which is why i suggested the under-hood rig. but once you do get this sort of inverter rig set up i mean you got most all the power you need for a day or so at least without starting the van and you dont have to deal with the smoke and noise and hassle of a generator of any sort or with trying to wear out your motor letting it idle all day. keep a fifty amp fast battery charger in there too in case you arent gonna be driving enough between jobs to top off the batteries. may need to stop at a gas station and give somebody a couple bucks for use of an outlet for half hour or so. .

From : ron s

ooops! you are correct ^ but you recognize the gist of my post anyway. sadly you are also correct about the sovereignty of the states as well. mr. lincoln is universally acknowledged as a great president however it was his administration that began the downhill slide toward where we are today. i cant speak for the other states but here in mo if you object to your ssn being used for your d/l # they will issue you a different one. i hope this is true elsewhere. thanks for the clarification and its refreshing to know that there is at least one other soul who recognizes that sovereignty aint what it used to be. mike fred your post might have some relevance if drivers licenses were issued by the federal government but they are not. the constitution you speak of is a federal document and clearly states that all powers not specifically enumerated in the constitution are reserved for the several states. states being sovereign entities at least they used to be! have every right to require the licensing of its drivers. sorry your argument is without merit. mike states do not have rights; only individuals have rights. what states have are powers. the states have not been sovereign entities since the 1860s. also the constitution hasnt been followed since at least that long. another point is that many of the states require a social security number which is a federal control number before one can get a license. if they really were sovereign like circa early nineteenth century they would not ask for one. nowadays the states are simply fifty branch offices of the federal government. .

From : harris borslien roy wrote figured id start at 25.5 and see what happens. good luck! dodge has ruined the market for their trucks.....dave smith motors is advertising qc cummins trucks for under $20k right now. i cant even get any lookers for mine at $21000 01 qc cummins ho. just a quick glance at his web site shows 2001 2500 qc4x4s at 27k 26k 25k. didnt see any for 20k. maybe only one available at this price and its sold and gone when ya get there. here we call it bait and switch. hell i just looked again and he has a 2k dak qc 4x4 for 19k roy .

From : johnny5

i would suggest trying a few things before going for a junction box. 1.disconnect the blower motor and see if the fuse still blows if so then 2.locate the blower resistor pack should be located in the cold air stream of the heater box and disconnect the connector from there and check to see if the fuse still blows if it does then 3. remove the flasher and check it. if none of these items stop the fuse from blowing then it is possible you have a bad wire somewhere. in that case i would suggest you locate someone with auto electrical experience and see what they will charge to run new power wires to the blower system and the turn signals using inline fuses bypassing the fuse block all together. one final note the short may also be the blower and/or a/c switch also could be the turn signal switch. i think $1500 to repair this problem is a bit steep. good luck my dodge dealer wants to charge me $1500 dollars to replace one of two or three junction boxes under my caravans dash board to correct a problem that is causing a fuse to blow that controls the caravans turn signals and blower to the cars a/c to not work. if i put a new 15 amp fuse in the car and start it up the fuse keeps blowing. even putting a higher amp fuse causes the fuse to blow also. as a result i have been driving around all summer without a/c and any turn signals just hand signals. the caravan is now out of warrantee. has anyone ever herd of this problem. $1500 sounds kind of steep to replace a junction box. do you think i should take it somewhere else and get a second opinion like maybe and car electrical specialist is the dodge dealer trying to rip me off --carl .