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Question about early - late Dodge Cummins parts interchangeability

From : vernon tuck

Q: but if you get some higher gears and a super and nitrous and stroke it. then you will be golden. ;- yes there is! maybe not near the power but change out to a higher gear ratio! helluva alot less expensive than a blower! eric 89 5.0 lx vert cobra long block 2.5 o/r h-pipe 2.73s w/locker 40 series deltas and some kinda wild assed cam! --- for sale ---- 64 falcon ht hot rod project check out the ford engine heaven! http// well the best biggest improvement you can make is a supercharger. the cheap way to go is nitrous. since you ruled both of those out. nothing you add on is going to give so such a big performance boost as those. you can do things like adding a performance exhaust and intake setup for better flow for more horsepower. possibly a power programmer for a little more. to do those 3 things youd be looking at around a grand. possibly add some headers for a little more hp. what is the single most thing you can add to a truck to give it peak performance other than nitrous im guessing a supercharger but is there a cheaper way to get good budget horse that makes a noticeable difference cheers remo rosati author divine intervention http// now available at over 50000 bookstores .